Commercial Roofing in Toronto Area

Commercial Roofing in Toronto & the GTA

For those who are planning to construct an office or other commercial buildings, the main problem is the roof. When building any roof it is important to choose the right materials. Specifically, in Toronto with its snowstorms, sometimes mixed with ice and rain having the right roof is crucial. This is why it is advisable to choose local construction companies, and carefully monitor what materials are used on the roofing system. Royal Roofing Inc. is a professional roofing company operating in Toronto and GTA. We are ready to help you design, place and preserve your commercial roofing system.

Types of commercial roofs in Toronto

Commercial Roofing in Toronto When building new properties and repairing what is already being used, you need to remember that one of the main parts of the building, is the roof. That is why, it is necessary to pay much attention to the materials that are being used, to ensure the quality of the future roof. Roofing coatings are considered protective shells of the roof defending it from environmental influences. That is why it is important to choose the right types of roof trusses. Modern commercial roofing systems are reliable, durable and can be made from various materials. Below we have made a list of different types of commercial roofs with pictures for you to have an idea about them:
  • Ethylene Propylene Diene Terpolymer (EPDM).
  • EPDM membrane is a modern roof covering with a high degree of elasticity, which is made on the basis of rubber cloth. To be more durable it is reinforced with ethereal fiber. They are different from traditional roofing materials for climate stability, high elasticity, and durability. Due to the ease and the installation speed EPDM provides cost-effectiveness.
  • Thermoplastic.
  • Thermoplastic is a lightweight system, based on special substances namely olefins, which, thanks to special additives, provide an incredible strength of the coating. Additionally, this roofing material has an increased degree of resistance to tears, ultraviolet light, open fire, punctures, and most chemicals.
  • Modified bitumen.
  • Asphalt-based roofing material that is reinforced with either fiberglass or polyester are the main components of Modified Bitumen roofs. They are designed for buildings with low slope or “flat” roof structures. Modified Bitumen has high resistance to low temperatures, allows greater flow resistance at high temperatures and achieves increased elasticity.
  • Built-up roofs (BUR).
  • BUR short for Built-up roof systems are made of laminated together multiple levels of mats, fabrics, or felts using bitumen, either asphalt or coal tar pitch. BUR is designed to meet a variety of waterproofing applications and is highly resistant to punctures and weathering.
  • Coated.
  • There are different types of roof coatings available so we will definitely help you find the perfect one for your exact type of commercial roof in Toronto. Coating solutions are the best option for renovations and commercial roof repairs, since they can prolong the lifespan of your roofing greatly.
  • Metal.
  • Metal is one of the most enduring materials for roof construction with a service life of 40 to 50 years. It has the ability to withstand even the harshest weather conditions, like rain, storm, squally wind, hail and snow. The most common metals that are used to cover the roof are steel, aluminum, and copper. Because of its durability metal is a popular roof material in Toronto.
  • Green, sustainable roofs.
Traditionally green roofs are flat roofs, with a waterproofing membrane that is completely or partially covered up with greenery, soil, and plants. By the ability to soak up heat, these roofs reduce the urban heat island effect. They lengthen the lifespan of the roof by approximately two to three times, save on heating and cooling costs. They are ecological, durable and do not lose elasticity under the condition of low temperatures.

Commercial roofing system: How to choose?

With all of the different types of roofing materials and systems available, which one to choose becomes a real deal. We have chosen several factors that should be considered when selecting a roofing system:
  • Geographical Location
  • Geographic location is important while choosing roofing systems, since wind velocity, potential snow load, and annual rainfall all vary from location to location and year to year.
  • Physical Makeup
  • The building’s size, age, shape, design, and whether the facility is a new or an existing structure should be taken into consideration.
  • Roof Details
  • Some roofs have little traffic, while others require walkways that provide access to rooftop units. That is why the shape, size, slope, edge, deck, protrusions and rooftop access needs to be taken into account.
  • Renewability
  • Roofs need regular periodic care, but not all roof systems can be successfully repaired and cleaned by an in-house crew. While choosing a roofing system the ease at which materials can be replaced at the end of the warranty period should be taken into account.
  • Budget
  • Be sure your budget is realistic and up to date, since roof price varies depending on the materials.
  • Roofing Partner
Pick a qualified roofing company that is locally-based, knowledgeable, certified and has roofing supplies. Proper installation is crucial with the best roofing warranties awarded for the best installations. We at Royal Roofing Inc. can give you a qualified advice for free. You only need to fill out the application by this link or by calling.

Benefits of flat commercial roof

When you need to install a roof on your commercial space, you have diverse choices of which styles and materials can work best for your business. You may not know much about commercial flat roofs, but you should consider them for your commercial roofing in Toronto. Here are a few advantages that will explain the reasons why a flat roof covering is the best choice:
  • The simplicity of installation.
  • Flat roofs are the simplest type of systems. Their placement requires less time, which reduces the cost of labor.
  • Lifespan.
  • Flat commercial roofing systems can serve you much longer than shingles or tiles. Another way said, if placed and maintained properly, a flat commercial roof can last for decades.
  • Repair.
  • They are easy to repair compared to any other existing roofing systems.
  • More Space.
  • Since the commercial property being costly in Toronto, it’s essential for businesses to use space efficiently to cut down on the rent and other costs. Flat roofs offer more usable space both above and below. The roof itself can be used for equipment, like air conditioning units and solar panels.
  • Wind Resistance.
  • Shingles, roof tiles, and other materials are prone to damage from high winds, but flat roofing can resist the wind better. Its durability decreases the need of emergency examinations and refurbishments.
  • Accessibility.
  • A flat roof can be much easier to examine, refurbish and maintain. You can get the equipment on the roof with less effort.
  • Economical.
  • With less labor and materials, flat roofs may be more affordable than other roofing systems. That initial savings can be compounded with less care and refurbishment over the lifespan of the roof. At Royal Roofing Inc. we can help you pick a cost-efficient roofing solution for your commercial property in Toronto.

    Tips for commercial roof maintenance in Toronto

    Commercial roof maintenance is the key to preserving your property in good condition. The owners of commercial buildings in Toronto need to be aware of the following facts to reduce the risk of leaks and costly repairs:

    Roofing advice #1: Keep roofing maintenance records up to date.

    If you have a recently installed roof, keep track of warranty and installation documentation.

    Roofing advice #2: Commercial flat roofs inspection on a monthly basis.

    Roofing advice #3: On-roof examination

    Conduct an on-roof examination of your roof during the spring and fall. Look for any potential damage from the previous season, take action to make refurbishments. Do a profound examination of your roof after severe weather. Check for any damaged areas, standing water, or suspect areas.

    Roofing advice #5: Remove debris

    Unnecessary roof materials may include branches, leaves, and an occasional frisbee or football. Debris can create unwanted roofing dams that redirect or even retain stormwater. Natural vegetation can penetrate roofing material if left unchecked. Do not attempt to remove ingrown vegetation by yourself. Call Royal Roofing Inc., to expertly remove any vegetation that’s invaded your roofing surface. Our roof maintenance company offers a 24-hour roofing service.

    Roofing advice #6: Clean roof accessories

    Clean out gutters, drains, downspouts, outflow areas to protect both your roof and surrounding building foundation areas.

    Roofing advice #7: Check flashing

    If you have any flashing, check above and around the flashing. Flashing can be highly susceptible to deterioration because of its exposed surfaces. Fasteners, panels joints can loosen and even break over time. Carefully inspect any flashing to see if it’s allowed moisture or water to seep under its protection.

    Commercial roof repair vs. roof replacement in Toronto

    Like many other types of roofing systems, commercial roofs will get old and will need replacement in the course of time. Yet how to know, whether your roof needs simple repairs or a complete replacement? Roof replacement before time is a waste of money, time and replacement after it is in critical condition can damage the whole property. To know which decision is right for you, few key factors should be taken into account.

    When roof replacement is better option?

    Commercial re-roofing is not an easy decision to make since it can be expensive. Commercial roof replacements are good options when you see that the roof is in a condition when repairing is not working anymore. Once you know you need to buy a new roof, you should contact specialized local roofing contractors. Remember that going cheap on a new roof will only mean more repairs in the future. Pay for quality materials, workmanship and your new roof will reward you by defending your property for a long time.

    When to choose roof repair?

    You can usually fix a roof quickly and eliminate any risk of ongoing damage to your home if the roof hasn’t suffered any serious roofing damage and is in a relatively good condition. Remember, if the cause of damage is hail, wind or other weather-related events, we will come out immediately inspect and refurbish damaged parts of the roof.

    Commercial roof inspection before repair

    If you are going to refurbish your roof you should examine chimneys, pipe towers and identify soft spots in the sheathing. It’s necessary to remove all the old stuff that can often be found on commercial roofs after smaller repairs. Contact us at Royal Roofing Inc. and our trained experts will arrive to inspect your roof, give you some useful recommendations and estimate an optimized roof repair cost.

    Royal Roofing Inc.: Your contractor in Toronto Area

    Royal Roofing Inc. is a Toronto-based roofing company operating since 2008 and providing roofing assistance to large commercial property owners. We have experience in roofing placement services, like roof placement, reconstruction, roof refurbishment and care. For 15 years we have been administered roofing services of any complexity to residents of Toronto and the nearby area. At Royal Roofing, we stand behind our work. When Royal Roofing provides a new roof placement for your commercial property, our labor and workmanship are guaranteed for 10 years. We provide a free of charge consultation. At Royal Roofing Inc., we provide the following services:
    • Commercial Roofing
    • Industrial Roofing
    • Flat Roofing
    • Modified Bitumen
    • Flat Roof Repair
    • Emergency Repair
    • Roof Maintenance
    • Skylight Repair
    • Wind Damage Repair
    • Shingle Roof Repair
    • Flat Roof Construction


    Does your roofing company provide services in Toronto only? Royal Roofing Inc., provides services in the Greater Toronto Area, including Scarborough Mississauga, Richmond Hill, Vaughan, Markham, Brampton, Oakville, Aurora, Newmarket, Pickering, Ajax and Oshawa. How long will it take to replace my roof? The duration of roof replacement highly depends on the roof state, size, and type. Do you repair roof after animal damage? Yes, we do provide roof refurbishment services after animal damage. We provide refurbishment after wind damage, ice damage and etc.