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How Much Cost To Repair, Install Or Replace A Clay Tile Roof?

Common costs of your Roofing Clay Tiles

Roofing Clay Tiles

The cost of installing a tile roof on an average goes for about $15,000. It is usually between $8,000 and $23,300. Homeowners usually cough out between $10 and $28 per square foot. For supplies and a range between $5 and $18 for each sq ft for installation, this breaks down from $2 to $15 per sq ft.

If your choice is an investment in the long run, the roofing should be a great choice. For that kind of climate, this classic style features great durability and weather safety.

This isn’t a DIY idea, so a pro needs to be hired. The materials you use and the style affects the total price as well as the labor costs. Here are several factors you should think about before you make a choice.

Roof Tiles Price

Materials for roof tiles costs between $2 and $13 for each square foot. You will pay the least for concrete and the most for terracotta.

Concrete roof Cost

Concrete roof Cost

The price for a concrete roof to be built varies from $10 to $20 per sq ft. For products, this involves $2-$5 per sq ft. Concrete costs but clay for $2-$4 per square foot because the components are fairly easy to urge. It is a fair choice if you’re trying to find a reliable roof that’s friendlier to your pocket. The finished item weighs approximately 900bs for each square, which is around two-thirds the maximum amount as other tiles choices. Because this material isn’t as immune to water, mold can grow. It also lasts 30-50 years approximately, far but earthenware.

Clay roof Cost

It costs $10-$30 for each sq ft to mount a clay roof. Mostly, the worth you pay depends on the model of your choice. Materials per square foot run from $3-$10. Clay is far and away from the oldest artifact. Some regions feature building with tiles that are thousands of years old. Since it’s heavier and more waterproof than concrete, it cost more. In exchange, you’ll enjoy a surface that lasts quite your house.

Clay Tiles Roof cost Against Shingles

With a mean of $15,000, a rooftop costs nearly twice the utmost amount as cheaper materials. The price to place in asphalt shingles averages $8,000

Terracotta Roof Tiles Costs

Terracotta roof tiles cost $10-$25 per sq ft to fix. This includes the same rate at $5-$10 per sq ft, which is costlier than clay. Terracotta is a type of clay, where the manufacturer bakes the color into the material during the firing process. This makes terracotta less likely to fade over time when exposed to the environment. It is preferred for warmer regions, as it is more effective in reflecting solar heat.

Generally, the cost for roof tiling ranges between $8 and $25 per square foot. The cost of materials itself ranges between $2 and $10 per square foot, with the average being $3 to $7 per square foot.

The price you pay is also affected by the style of the roof that you choose. For example, simpler designs, such as flat shake, would cost less, while barrel tiles cost the most.

Spanish Tile Roof

The cost of Spanish tiles installation ranges between $8 and $10 per square foot. Spanish tiles have wide water courses and look like rows of undulating waves. This style is optimal for areas with heavy and frequent rains.

Scandia style is the same as Spanish style but turned upside down. It costs about the same as Spanish style.

Mission Tile Roof

If you are looking to install Mission tiles, you can expect to spend anywhere between $9 and $11 per square foot. This style has very pronounced ribs and is often referred to as “Double Roman”. Mission tiles have smaller water courses, but a larger number of them, making it the preferred choice for Mediterranean look.

Pantile Tile Roof

The price of pantiles ranges between $8 and $10 per square foot. This style is significantly lighter, as compared to others. The look of pantiles resembles a flattened “S”, creating a rippling visual appearance. This gives this style the classic “Old World” appearance, with significant run off for precipitation.

Barrel Tile Roof

Installation of Barrel tiles generally costs $10 to $13 per square foot. This price includes $4 to $7 per square foot for roof materials. Barrel tiles have an unusual design, and, as such, this style usually costs more.

Real barrel tiles have a taper wider at one end. Traditionally, workers would wrap the clay around a barrel, or, in some cases, even their own legs! Because of this shape, the Barrel tiles are recommended for a curved roof.

French Tile Roof

Installation of French tiles can cost you between $9 and $11 per square foot. Also known as “Profile tiles”, this style presents reversed Double Roman tiles, with generous indents instead of humps. This design helps to increase the speed of water runoff.

Riviera Tile Roof

Installation of Riviera tiles runs anywhere between $9 and $11 per square foot. Just like the Mission style, this design has flat instead of rounded bumps. Riviera tiles will be a great choice if you want to go for a dramatic shading pattern.

Cost of New Tile Roof Installation

Labour Costs. The cost of labor for a new tile roof is generally between $5 and $18 per square foot. If your roof has multiple ridges and hips, the price may increase, as the tiles would have to be cut to fit.

For an average foot with 17 squares (1,700 square feet), the installation price ranges from $8,500 to $30,000.

When you request a price quote, keep in mind that most contractors will charge by the square rather than a square foot. One square contains 100 square feet, so if the installer quotes you at $1,200 per square, that will translate into $12 per square foot.

Clay Roof Colors

Adding color to the roof can range between $0.50 and $5 per square foot, depending on the design. Most tile manufacturers offer a variety of products and styles to match your home. If you are thinking of a swirl or wavy pattern, expect to pay more.

Tile Roof Underlayment Replacement Cost

Replacing an underlayment can cost between $3 and $5 per square foot. It is generally included as a part of tile installation, even if the existing underlayment is in good shape. The exact price will depend on the type required for your roof slope.

Roof installers must determine whether you will need one or two layers of the underlayment. In order to install tile, the roof must have a minimum slope of 2.5:12, meaning that the structure needs to rise 2.5 inches or more for every 12 inches of length. For this type of slope, you will need a tow-ply underlayment. Some manufacturers have a minimum slope requirement of 4:12. For this slope, a single layer might be enough.

Additional Considerations for Cost of Tile Roof

You will need to pay an additional $600 to $1300 to get the materials delivered to your home. Each tile weighs as much as 6 to 8 pounds, which makes them heavy to transport. As such, most retailers and manufacturers add this cost to the purchase price.

Roof Tile Replacement Cost

The replacement of roof tiles can cost between $10 to $33 per square foot. Most of the time, you will need to pay $0.50 to $1 per square foot to remove the existing materials. The price for removal of shingles runs between $0.50 and $0.80 per square foot, while the price for tiles ranges between $0.75 to $1 per square foot.

Tile Roof Repair Prices

The cost to repair a tile roof is approximately $1,300 on average. If the tiles are cracked or missing, you risk getting leaks inside the house or damaging the underlayment.

If you need to fix only a small part of the roof, you should consider this rather than replacing the roof entirely. Tiles that are in good condition could last longer than the house itself, so you may save a lot of money by repairing only one or two of them.

Tile Roof Sealing

Sealing of a tile roof costs approximately $1,300 on average. You will generally need to seal a roof once a year, but it is not required for all homes. If you live in a region with high temperatures or have a relatively flat slope, sealing is recommended to keep your roof in good condition for longer. It could also improve the energy efficiency of your house.


Can tile roofs be repaired?

The average cost to repair a tile roof is $1,300. This is a lot cheaper than replacing the entire roof.

Can you walk on top of a tile roof?

You can walk on a tile roof, but it is not advisable, as you may break the clay or concrete. If you must walk on it, try to avoid hopping and step on the lower third.

How many years does a tile roof last?

Many manufacturers state that a tile roof can last for a minimum of 50 years. With proper care, tile roofing could survive for centuries.

How many roof tiles are in a square?

The number of roof tiles in a single square could range from 100 to 350. The total number would depend on the size and shape of the tiles.

How much does painting roof tiles cost?

Painting a tile roof can cost between $5 and $12 per square foot. If the tile material is in good shape, but you simply don’t like the color, consider repainting the roof rather than replacing it completely.

Are tile roofs more expensive as compared to asphalt roofs?

You can expect to pay $15,000 for a tile roof on average, which is $8,000 more than asphalt.