Icicle & Snow Removal

A layer of snow and some crystal-clear icicles sparkling in the sun can make your house look rather lovely and quaint. However, these decorations are a threat to both your health and your roof. As heavy snowfalls are common for Toronto winters, employing a reliable icicle and snow removal service becomes a necessity. At Royal Roofing Inc., we will be able to clean your roof quickly and efficiently, which will help you save money on roofing repairs and prevent accidents.

The Dangers of Snow and Icicles on Your Roof

Everyone knows that water pooling on your roof is extremely dangerous because it speeds up the roofing surface deterioration. Snow and ice are frozen water, so their contact with the roofing material is just as dangerous. However, they also present a hazard to your health and the very structure of the building. Every year, several dozen people in Toronto get injured by falling icicles, and many of these injuries are fatal. Please note DIY icicle removal has one of the highest accident rates among all roofing jobs. Even if you decide to follow the safe route of breaking these pieces of ice while on the ground, you risk getting hit by ice-shrapnel. This method also damages the roofing edge, which means that once the spring comes, you will need to invest a large sum of money in repairs and replacement of the broken pieces. Another important thing you need to understand is that the snow cap that looks so lovely and fluffy on top of your roof is rather heavy. A properly installed roofing system can handle the weight of about 20 pounds of snow per sq. foot. Once the limit is exceeded, the beams that hold the roof as well as the very walls of the building start suffering some measure of structural damage. The longer heavy snow remains on the roof, the worse the damage gets. If you don’t solve this problem, the roof itself may collapse. A collapse may also occur if you decide to climb onto the roof to clean it as your weight may be the final straw that will overload the supporting beams. The cost of resulting repairs is sure to be huge, and your insurance may not cover this type of damage. Therefore, removing the snow and icicles from your roof is a must, and you’ll need to employ the assistance of professionals to do this without putting your life at risk. We at Royal Roofing Inc. use a variety of specialized tools that allow us to remove both snow and ice without damaging the roofing surface. During the cleaning, the area around the property will be secured to prevent any accidents involving the people passing by.

Signs You Need to Call a Snow and Icicle Removal Service

Like with any other type of roofing problems, regular inspections of the snow cover on your roof will help prevent serious damage to your property. The warning signs you need to look for are:
  • Sagging ceiling tiles
  • Jammed doors and windows on the upper floors
  • Creaking noises
  • Cracks in ceilings and walls
  • Leaks and water spots
If you notice any of these signs, don’t hesitate to contact a snow removal service right away. It’s best to be safe than sorry, so you should get the roof inspected and cleaned by qualified professionals as soon as possible. After removing the snow, our roofers will assess the condition of your system and offer the most efficient solutions. In many cases, snow damages the areas around roof penetrations, so you will most likely need to have some vent and skylight repairs done quickly in order to stop the problem from deteriorating.