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roofing contractor Sooner or later all roofs become old and they need repair or complete replacement. At such moments the owners start considering possible ways out and often end up thinking that they are able to do everything by themselves instead of hiring a professional roof contractor. This may work on residential buildings but commercial ones require certain skills, expertise, special equipment, etc…. Here at Royal Roofing Inc we can offer you complete roofing solutions, so there will be nothing to worry about.  In fact, working with an experienced roof contractor such as we are has numerous advantages as compared to doing the repair on your own.

Complicated Roof Shapes and Specific Roofing Solutions

When working with some specific roofing material like aluminum roofingshingles, clay tiles, or cedar shakes, it’s necessary to keep in mind the peculiarities of installation dictated by the shape of the roof. If you live in Toronto and the area and have decided to replace the old one you had with a new construction, using a new material, turn to us at Royal Roofing. We have experienced designers who will develop the best shape of the construction that matches the exterior and carrying capacity of your building. Our trained contractors will build up the frame and cover it with any chosen material in a quick and highly professional way. You can be sure that the tiles that our specialists install will not fall off, that metal shingles will be properly insulated from the impact of water, and that the entire construction will last for many years without the need for repeated repair.

When In Need of Help

You can turn to us even if you simply need a piece of advice. Our customers often start with a question regarding the best solution that can stand the weather in Toronto and the area and look great. Here at Royal Roofing Inc we are always ready to consult you on the assortment of roofing designs and materials. We can help you with the choice of a right solution as well as the installation of practically any material you might like to see on your roof, no matter whether it’s a residential building or a commercial one. Sometimes it’s impossible to install the material that customers want to have on their particular roofs. In such a case, our experienced employees will offer another option that will match all the customer’s requirements and the possibilities of the building. For example, if it’s impossible to install clay tiles on a roof that cannot carry their weight, our professionals can recommend the installation of polymer shingles that look exactly like clay tiles but have a much lighter weight. roofing contractor

Requirements to the Roofing Contractors

Many people have a number of requirements for a roof contractor they would hire for roofing repair or replacement. These requirements are sometimes so numerous that people decide to handle the repair on their own, no matter how complicated it is. We at Royal Roofing don’t recommend doing this, especially if you don’t have experience in roofing jobs. If you hire our professionals, you will be surprised by the quality of their services.
  • We use only the most contemporary equipment. It means that the materials are not damaged in the process of installation.
  • You will not need to clean the work site after everything is completed because it’s cleaned during the working process.
  • You can be sure that you will be safe while the work is being done. Our well-trained specialists know how to preserve their own safety and the safety of people around them. Finally,
  • You will not be responsible for any possible injuries or accidents that can happen to our staff.

Roofing Contractor

Replace your old roof with a beautiful, new, and architecturally aesthetic one. Royal Roofing Inc specializes in custom roofing design and the installation of asphalt roof shingles. We can give you a roof that you will truly fall in love with! When you decide to work with Royal Roofing Inc you get much more than a simple roof replacement Our company is responsible for hundreds of stunning new roofs in the GTA, and is constantly looking for new projects. We are dedicated to the work that we do and strive to ensure the highest quality of service along with excellent workmanship in order to provide all our customers with guaranteed future longevity and safety of their new roof. Your roof replacement estimate can include, but is not limited to the following: Updating roof ventilation to maximize the lifetime of you roof Coordinating our job and worksite setup to accommodate your dynamic lifestyle and schedule, as well as to ensure the maximum protection of your home and surrounding areas during the roofing project roofing contractor Total adherence to provisional roofing standards, and outlining your role in the work process. You are never liable for any potential risk or injury of our workers! Worksite cleanup is guaranteed and you will not have to do any work after we leave the site. We also guarantee the use of highest quality materials in order to ensure that your roof lasts for years to come, relieving you from the burden of future replacements. Our shingles have a 40 year manufacturer warranty guarantee, so you can be sure that your property is protected. Finally, we Promise to Return! After your roof replacement is complete, we promise to stay in touch. Every re-roofing project, done by Royal Roofing Inc is accompanied by two follow up inspections; the first one is a year from the project’s completion, and the second is five years later. This way, we can be sure that the work we did is of stellar quality and lives up to the standards outlined by the original contract.

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