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Phone  416-880-7625
Toronto's Professional Roofing Company Since 2008    GET A FREE ESTIMATE
Phone  416-880-7625
Toronto's Professional Roofing Company Since 2008    GET A FREE ESTIMATE
Toronto's Professional Roofing
Company Since 2008

Sloped Roof

Sloped Roof Installation - Greater Toronto Area

Sloped roof

Providing Professional Sloped Roof Installation for Toronto, Mississauga, Oakville, Brampton and Surrounding Area Since 2001

Royal Roofing has many years of experience in the replacement and application of sloped shingled roofs. We work with all shingle materials including asphalt shingles, cedar shakes and shingles, tile, slate shingles and more for all regular and steep sloped roof types.
Royal Roofing Inc is here to help you with your roofing needs. If you just purchased a new house or want to repair your existing home, call Royal Roofing today for a free, no obligation estimate.
Sloped roofing has its own peculiarities. Choosing a sloped roof affects the selection of roofing material to choose from. The slope of your roof also affects the cost of insulation: what type of insulation can be used, etc. The most economical solution from that point of view, is a flat roof. But this is not always a good choice. Royal Roofing Inc specializes in roofing of any complexity. We will always advise you of the best materials to use and provide an experienced team of roofing professions to ensure that the job is performed in the best way.
There are many types of materials which can be used in roof construction. Currently, one of the most modern, convenient and popular options used to cover the roof is the roofing shingle. Many different varieties of shingle affords you the option of choosing the best price and quality material for your project. We offer you many options which include multiple types of shingle materials including asphalt shingles, cedar shakes and shingles, tile, slate shingles and more.
Today's roofing shingles have been developed and manufactured with improved quality and reliability. Shingles are made of different materials such as ceramic, wood, slate, asbestos-cement, asphalt and composite. These materials are mre durable and more aestheticly pleasing than ever before - all at favorable prices. This quality-to-price ratio is the best on the market for building materials.
Shingles are lightweight and do not apply minimal additional weight load on the roof. They remain quiet in high winds or rainfalls, they are resistant to frost, corrosion and rot, and they protect your roof from leaks. Best of all, a shingle roof does not require special or complex repairs.
Royal Roofing offers professional installation and repair of different types of roofing for your home or commercial property. If your roof requires an update, contact us todat - we can help you!
Today's modern roofing construction industry provides a wide range of roofing materials for private homes for every taste. The most often used roofing materials for sloped roofs of suburban homes and structures include:
  • Clay tile
  • Flexible tile
  • Slate roof
  • Metal
  • The cement-sand tile
  • Composite shingles
  • Wave bitumen sheets
  • Iron Pressurizes roof (steel or copper)
  • Iron profiled roof (trapezoidal sheet)
  • Polymer-sand tile
  • Natural roofing (grass, reeds, humus, shingles)
  • Asbestos cement sheets (slate)
Flexible shingles are one of the best roofing options. They have a reasonable price and provide excellent performance - they not burn, they are air tight and perform well in inclement weather. In fact, roofing shingles are currently the roofing material offering the most value for the money. Shingles have been used successfully on roofs worldwide. The flexibility and softness of the material allow architects to realize the most daring architectural designs with complex roofing structures. A distinctive feature of shingles is their resistance to the climate's changes in humidity, temperature and pressure.
Soft roof shingles are very cost effective. Its usage avoids wasting of resources (material and time) during installation. Shingles are lightweight, which reduces shipping costs. You can choose the type of roofing shingles that suits your preferences. Large range of color, the use for even the boldest projects and provides a lifespan of more than thirty years which helps distinguish shingles from other roofing materials. Shingles are the perfect material for a sloped roof, installing roofing shingles is performed easily and does not require any special methods or specialized techniques or tools.
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