Shingle Roof Repair in Toronto

Shingle roofs are popular because they have a wide choice of styles and colors, are affordable, durable. The weather in Toronto is no challenge to these systems. They can easily withstand wind, rain, and snow. If a shingle roof is damaged, its structure allows for quick, efficient, and affordable repairs.<.p>

The Most Popular Shingle Roof Repair Services

We at Royal Roofing Inc. offer a great choice of roof shingles repair services to the residents of Toronto and GTA. Common problems we fix include, but aren’t limited to:

…continued under the gallery 1. Mineral loss.

This problem occurs when shingle’s mineral surface wears down due to elemental damage leading to natural material degeneration. When this happens, the roof might develop a leak. Sometimes, this particular issue can be caused by poor ventilation, making the roof heat up which speeds up material deterioration. If the surface damage is extensive, the whole system will need to be replaced.

2. Exposed internet.

This problem is similar to that of a bald tire. Some parts of your roof deteriorate more rapidly due to diverse factors and the asphalt holding the surface together wears off. It’s essential to repair roof shingles with this kind of damage on time to prevent leaks and future damage to the system as a whole.

3. Broken and missing shingles.

A shingle can break down because of wind, ice, debris, or simply because the material was faulty. Mostly, broken shingles lead to leaks if they aren’t fixed immediately. You need to inspect your roofing regularly using a pair of binoculars, give it an extra careful look after every storm. Call our technicians once you notice damaged shingles. They will replace the broken pieces in a quick and efficient way. This will save you a great deal of money on expensive leak and water damage repair that you’ll need if the problem is allowed to deteriorate.

4. Shingle cracks.

Common causes for cracks are manufacturer’s defects and poor ventilation. They are the initial signs of a problem and should be immediate to fix your roof. Otherwise, you will be forced to replace everything or face the risk of developing a massive leak.

5. Delaminating/slipping.

This problem is often caused by incorrect installation. If fasteners are located in the wrong place or are not enough of them, everything can fall apart. If you invite experienced roof shingle repair specialists before the problem becomes severe, re-nailing and most of the other corrections will solve it completely.

6. Overexposed shingles.

The cause of this issue is improper installation. Note that the manufacturer’s warranty will be void if the roofing is installed with little overlap, which is causing this problem. Since each roofing system is unique, the technicians who will repair your shingles will develop a custom plan to fix the issue cost-efficiently.

7. Debris and the roof.

It’s imperative to keep the roof clean of debris since cluttered roofs may develop water puddles that will speed up the process of shingle deterioration. Roof cleaning is a dangerous task, it should be handled by certified professionals who use specialized equipment. At Royal Roofing Inc. we have long experience in repairing roof shingles all over Toronto, we will be able to fix your problem quickly and efficiently. A warranty for workmanship is provided for repairs and the manufacturer’s warranty for materials is provided when applicable.

Many reasons exist that may result in shingle damage. It’s impossible to protect your roof from these dangers. If the problem is addressed the immediately, costly repairs can be prevented since a small portion of shingles will be replaced.

To clear an opening around the damaged area we extract damaged shingles from your roof and remove the upper part of the roofing cement.

If some of the shingles were blown away by the wind damaging your roof, we will ensure to remove the nails that protrude from the roof. After this, we slide new shingles into the opening and ensure the new and the pre-existing shingles are perfectly aligned to ensure a perfect fit. Furthermore, galvanized roofing nails are used to secure any overlapping shingles.

Finally, the application of roofing cement delivers added protection when applied to nail heads. After the shingle repair is complete, flashings are applied to chimneys and vents, and a final inspection is performed.

We replace broken shingles with brand new ones when we repair a roof and use roofing cement to reattach ones that have been blown back but are in perfect condition. Sometimes shingles that are curled can be straightened out, especially during warm weather, however, if it is cold, shingles are brittle, and straightening them requires extra work. A flame spreader nozzle or propane torches are typically used while winter to soften the shingles to a condition that permits straightening. It is important to warm each shingle to the needed temperature to make it bendable but to avoid heating until it catches fire.