Skylight Repair in Toronto

Skylights make a great addition to your roof and architects today are fond of them. However, like any other type of roof penetration, this window into the sky presents a risk of leaks. Calling Royal Roofing Inc., experienced Toronto skylight repair contractors after you notice first signs of trouble will allow preventing water damage and save much money.

Common Skylight Repairs

To know when to contact skylight repair services, you need to understand what kinds of problems are common for this particular element of your roofing system.
  • Discoloration
Discoloration is caused by UV rays, and if ignored for long, fixing this particular problem can get expensive. This particular issue falls under the remit of skylight glass repair services. Our technician will use specialized cleansing solutions to remove discolorations or replace the glass, depending on the extent of the damage. This problem can be prevented by applying a special kind of coating on the glass.  Note that UV rays are equally harmful to both acrylic and glass skylights. continued below
  • Cracks.
The only effective method of cracked skylight roof repair is to replace damaged pieces. Cracks can be caused by falling debris. That is why it’s essential to inspect your skylights carefully after every storm. Also check them weekly during Toronto long winters as snow, ice, and extreme temperatures can flaw the glass. Acrylic skylights are less vulnerable to physical damage, so they rarely develop cracks.
  • Condensation.
Drops of water in the skylight roof ruin its looks, but condensation is a common problem connected with new and renovated homes, since moisture from building materials takes a while to evaporate. Our technicians can solve this problem by sealing the skylight both from the within and outside. They will add layers of flashing and felt paper to keep liquid from getting into the skylight.
  • Leaks.
A leaking skylight repair can be costly. Skylight leak repair expenses will depend on the exact cause of the problem. If the skylight is leaking due to poor placement, it may need to be removed and installed anew. Flashing damaged by the wind is a common reason for this problem. It can be repaired quickly by replacing the broken parts. Our technician will seal skylight afterward to prevent leaks in the future.

Skylight: Repair or Replace?

Replacing skylight costs are rather high, that is why a repair is the best choice. If your roof is no more than 5 years old, replacement may become necessary only if your skylight is physically broken. Otherwise, Royal Roofing Inc. skylight experts will be able to repair it efficiently. Consider skylight installation if it’s over 12 years old and leaks consistently. At this time, its deterioration may be too severe, so replacement becomes a efficient option.

Basic Skylight Inspection Guide

To ensure that your skylight is in good condition inspect and double-check it at least once a month. Check the following:
  • Flashing.
Look for rust, penetrations, and any type of deformation.
  • Weather seals.
Make sure the skylight is securely closed and the seals aren’t torn or otherwise deformed.
  • Roof.
Check for leaks further up the roof as the water that gets into the building through them can travel down to the skylight. Don’t forget that regular maintenance is the best method of roofing problems prevention.