Tile Roof Repair in Toronto GTA

tile roof repair Tile roof is a great choice of a roofing system for Toronto residents. It’s durable, very attractive, and available in a variety of types, materials, and designs. Therefore, everyone will be able to find the perfect option for their property. However, even the best systems can break down. If this happens with your roof our team of experienced tile roof repair specialists from Toronto will inspect your roofing system, identify the cause of the problem, and develop a cost-efficient solution.

Common Tile Roof Repair Services

There are a great number of tile roofing systems in Toronto and each is unique in its own way. The most common tile roof repairs offered by Royal Roofing Inc. include but aren’t limited to: …continued under the gallery

  • Flashing repair. High-quality flashing is extremely durable and shouldn’t present any problems for decades. However, incorrect installation, lack of maintenance, and elemental damage can speed up the process of its deterioration or push flashing to come loose. In this case, tiles will get displaced and the integrity of the roofing surface will be disrupted, which will result in leaks. Any flashing problems must be fixed immediately to prevent further deterioration of the system. Technicians will remove the tiles around the damaged area, replace flashing, fix insulation, and replace the tiles. If addressed immediately, this issue can be solved quickly and with minimal expense.
  • Valleys replacement. A valley is a junction between adjoining roof slopes. It’s covered with tiles of a special shape that allow rainwater to quickly flow down to the gutter. Age, the elements, and incorrect installation can cause these vital water pathways to get damaged. This may lead to a serious leak as well as rotting of the support beams. The damaged parts will need to be replaced. Depending on the extent of the damage, the lining and all the valley tiles may need to be changed.
  • Broken, missing, or aged tiles. Whether you have a concrete, cement, or clay tile roof, eventually, the material will deteriorate and start to crumble. This may not happen for decades, for example, high-quality Spanish tile roofs may last for over a century. Lack of maintenance and poor attic ventilation may speed up the process of natural roof deterioration. Fallen tree branches and storms can also break the tiles. Inspect the roof carefully after every storm and about once a month if the roof is old. If you notice that any of the tiles are cracked, crumbling, or missing, call our Toronto office immediately. The integrity of the roof must be restored as quickly as possible to prevent leaks and costly water damage repairs.
  • Defective pointing. The signs of this problem are slipped ridge and hip tiles, missing hip irons, and loose mortar at the joints between ridge tiles. Defective pointing is considered a minor problem, but if it’s not fixed fast, it may result in fast deterioration of the roofing system. This type of tile repair is easy and cheap, so you should get them done as quickly as possible.

tile roof repair

At Royal Roofing Inc., our technicians use professional equipment and solutions developed specifically for each tile shape and material (clay, concrete, etc.), which allows us to reduce the costs of repair while fixing any kind of tile roof systems all over Toronto.

Remember that every day with a broken tile increases the damage to your roofing as a whole and boosts the cost of the repairs. Therefore, it’s best to call in for an emergency roof repair service as soon as you notice the problem. This is especially important during the cold season.

Among other things, Royal Roofing Inc specializes in the repair of slate, concrete, and clay tiles. Broken, loose or cracked tiles can result in a leaky roof, so we recommend you to contact us immediately if you have doubts regarding the integrity of your tiles.

Heavy rain is one of the most common causes for leaks in tile roofing, as it can be blown underneath the tiles by wind, penetrating the roof sarking cavity. A sarking is a foil-faced barrier, located underneath the tiles for added roof support, insulation, and deflection of heat. An old and torn sarking can result in severe damage to your roof, so we recommend immediate replacement to prevent the possibility of further deterioration. However, if your sarking is intact, repairs can be made on your tile roof.

Other than physical damage to your roof tiles, another common issue is the loss of color, due to the oxidizing process tiles go through as they age. Moreover, they can become sponge-like and porous, retaining the water after a rainfall. This issue too can be solved through restoration as long as the sarking is in good condition. In general, the restorative work for roof tiling consists of replacing broken or damaged areas of the roof and repointing hip and ridge cappings. After this is complete, our contractors will wash the surface of your roof before painting it to any color of your choosing.