Aluminum Roof in Toronto

Are you in search of a roofing system that will serve you for decades, requires little maintenance, will look good on any kind of property, an aluminum roof will be an excellent choice. This kind of system has all the characteristic benefits of steel roofing and some extra ones.

Reasons to Install an Aluminum Roof

Resistance and reliability are outstanding traits metal roof, yet aluminum roofing gives not only these two features but also some of its own. Here are some of the reasons that explain why installing this type of system is a good idea:

  • High level of fire resistance

All the elements of an aluminum roofing system being made of different kinds of metal make risks of it catching fire from stray embers is small. This offers a high degree of defense to the properties with fireplaces and wood stoves since sparks and hot embers shooting up the chimney causes roof fires.

  • Increased energy efficiency of the house.
Metal reflecting sunlight will make the house feel less humid and hot during summers. Properly insulated aluminum roofs will prevent the warmth from leaving your home during Toronto winters.
  • A variety of styles and types available

Many different aluminum roofing styles and designs are available today. Aside from common options, like galvanized or corrugated panels, you get to choose from diverse colors and profiles. Some aluminum lock options are created to replicate other materials. No doubt that you will be able to find the perfect kind of aluminum roof shingles that fits your commercial property or house.

  • Ease of Placement.

One of the best things about aluminum roofing is that it’s flexible. Hence it can be placed at any type of system. Whether you are looking for a porch, patio, pan, or even dome roof, the ideal material for this is aluminum. Keep in mind the existence of special kinds of aluminum roll roofing that take flexibility to a new level and go perfectly with flat commercial roofs. Coupled with an aluminum hatch and roof ladders, this system is cost-efficient and durable.

  • Weather resistance
Although it can suffer some wind damage due to its lightness, an aluminum roof can be repaired easily. This metal being resistant to oxidation, you don’t have to be concerned about the future appearance of rust. The mold wouldn’t be an issue for this roof. Although it can suffer some wind damage due to its lightness, an aluminum roof can be repaired easily. This metal being resistant to oxidation, you don’t have to worry about the appearance of rust. Mold wouldn’t be an issue for this roof.

Aluminum vs Steel Roof

Both these kinds of metal shingle roofs are long-standing and not expensive, but aluminium definitely has some advantages over steel. Valuable benefits of it are in its weight and resistance to corrosion. When covered with a high-quality paint, an aluminum system becomes virtually impervious to water damage. It’s scratch resistant, especially the galvanized type.

Steel is a good choice for commercial properties, but it’s not similarly durable and its weight might be an issue. The divergence in price between these two metal systems isn’t big. Note that both these systems will be much cheaper than other metal roofing kinds. A copper roof cost can be two times higher. Therefore, if you are searching for the best yet the less costly metal solutions, aluminum is your best option.

Remember that the total cost will depend on the kind of the system you pick (standing beam, panel, shingles, tiles, etc.). This will affect the price of materials and placement since the amount of labor varies greatly.

At Royal Roofing Inc. we have a crew of qualified and certified roofers who can place and repair any type of aluminium roofing quickly and efficiently. We will give you a detailed consultation. We will help you meet your needs and budget.

Aluminum metal shingle is an enduring and reliable alternative to typical asphalt shingle roofs. Aluminium is a durable and weather resistant material, which is why it is used in airplane production. It is strong enough to withstand extreme conditions at high altitudes. These include extreme cold, wind, snow, ice and water. The incredible properties of aluminum ensure the safety of continental travel, so you can rest assured that your aluminium roof will serve you for a long time. Aluminium will help get rid of useless expenses in roof care and often repeated roof repairs connected to asphalt roofs.

Advantages of Aluminum:

  • Lightweight
  • Permanent roofing
  • Charming appearance
  • Reduce the weight on the housing structure
  • Doesn’t absorb water and is invulnerable to freezing
  • Resists winds of up to 110 miles per hour
  • Does not stain
  • Resistant to insects and fungus
  • Does not absorb solar heat by reflecting it and reduces costs for cooling during sunny summers
  • Does not curl with age
  • Doesn’t catch lightning

Aluminum Roofing Shingles

An interlocking design, utilized in the placement of aluminium shingles provides added durability, which has been proven by decades of service during hot summers, cold, snowy winters. The placement process consists of setting up shingles in an interlocking manner, until the entire area is covered.

Aluminium shingles are incredibly lightweight. To cover 100 square feet of space, only 40-50 lbs. of material are needed. This is 5-10 times less than the weight of conventional asphalt shingles.

Aluminium shingles are durable, can be safely walked on, provided they are well supported by the roof’s sheathing. Insulation from noise, resulting from rainfall and the like is very good, since the shingles are placed over layers of tar paper and plywood.

An aluminium roof placed expertly by experienced contractors and given its warranty for course of life delivers lasting beauty and reliable protection to your house.