Eavestrough Repair

Systems of eaves channels are meant to collect and withdraw rainwater and melting snow from the walls and fundament of a building, prolonging its lifespan. Water can damage the fundament seriously, causing shrinkage of the building and all the problems that come therewith. Water drops that get into the walls spoiling their appearance and the very material the walls are made of. This is why eavestrough repair and maintenance are very important and require a lot of attention.

Types of Eaves Channels

Basically, the rain gutter systems can be divided into
  • inner and outer,
  • metal and plastic.
Any eavestrough system will consist of pipes, gutters, funnels, and fastening elements though.

Pros and Cons of Different Gutter Materials

Steel gutters corrode and require eavestrough repair quite quickly. Installation of such systems demands hiring top-class professionals. Plastic that is used to make roof gutter systems is lightweight, durable enough and inexpensive but it can hardly stand many seasons in the Toronto climate with its harsh winters. The most popular choice for today are gutter systems that are made of steel with a polymer coating. A wide assortment of colors that is offered by manufacturers of eaves allows you to choose a system that matches the color of your roof and walls perfectly. It’s up to you to choose which system you can afford, and which suits the type of our building better. If you need a piece of professional advice, contact us at Royal Roofing Inc. We are always ready to help you make a good choice.

Gutter Repair and Maintenance

Fastenings for eavestrough systems are normally installed after the roof is completed. They should be fixed in such a way that the gutters have slight incline, because it’s necessary to make the water run down on its own. In case it doesn’t, some eavestrough repair and change of the incline will help. Even a perfectly done system needs regular cleaning because leaves, seeds of plants, dust, and other contaminations will quickly cause a breakdown. It’s necessary to do some gutter cleaning in case:
  • steel pipes have developed signs of corrosion and plastic ones have cracked due to seasonal temperature swings;
  • there are signs of gutter leak, especially around the seams that join the piping into one system;
  • the eavestrough system starts to swing and rattle in the wind;
  • water is withdrawn too slowly or improperly.
If you have any of these issues, you should hire a professional who will do the eavestrough repair, clean the gutters or incline them in a proper way. In case the system leaks significantly due to the corrosion or cracking of the pipes, the gutter leak repair means replacement of a certain part. Leaks can be repaired with the help of sealers based on natural rubber or silicone and a metal band or rubber gaskets. Before the leaks are patched up, they are cleaned and degreased. Then, it’s necessary to apply the sealer and fix it with a metal band. It’s very important to apply the sealer in such a way that it creates no obstacles for the water inside the gutters or pipes. Cleaning of clogged pipes is performed with the help of a strong water flow. Big clogs that cannot be removed with the help of water can be pushed through the pipe with the help of a special brush. NOTE: All such works should be performed by trained specialist only. If you want to have clean, perfectly working gutters, turn to us at Royal Roofing Inc. Our experienced roofers are always at your service!