Animal Damage Roof Repair

Animals are cute and living alongside them can be a great pleasure. Unfortunately, sometimes these neighbors can create some problems for you, with the damage to your roofing system being the biggest. Fixing this can cost you a significant amount of money, so it’s essential to employ the assistance of a reliable animal damage roof repair service as soon as possible.

How Animal Damage Roof Repair Is Done

The exact type of repair works necessary depends on the kind of the damage. The most common works aimed to address these problems include, but aren’t limited to:
  • Chimney and chimney flashing repairs. Animals are fond of crawling into chimneys and tearing off bits of flashing surrounding them. As this particular part of your roofing system is extremely vulnerable to leaks, you should keep a careful eye on it. Inspect the chimneys regularly and contact Royal Roofing Inc. when you notice any sign of trouble as our specialists will be able to fix any kind of damage quickly and efficiently.
  • Removal of debris and nests. While there is no arguing the fact that a nest on your roof may be a nice decoration, especially to the wildlife lowers, it also presents a great risk. Animals may use the pieces of roofing to build the nest and will carry a lot of debris onto your roof to finish the job. The surface material deterioration in the surrounding area will speed up and leaks may occur.
  • Insulation removal and replacement. If the animals managed to get deep enough into your roofing system to damage the insulation, the cost of repairs will increase. Insulation can be effectively replaced very fast, but if you want to prevent the extra expenses, you should monitor the condition of your roofing system closely and get the damage fixed before the problem deteriorates.
  • Roofing renovation. The extent of animal damage to any type of roofing can be staggering, especially in Toronto, the city where squirrels and raccoons often try to move into the resident’s homes. Asphalt and wood shingles as well as the vast majority of flat roofing systems are the most susceptible to this form of damage and may need to be renovated completely in order to fix the problem efficiently.

How to Prevent Animal Damage to Your Roof

As this particular problem is rather common in Toronto, prevention practices aren’t always efficient as you cannot completely protect your building from the local wildlife. However, there are some steps you can take to reduce the risk of expensive repairs. They are:
  • Frequent inspections. If you live in an area where the risk of animal damage is high, you need to inspect your roofing at least once a month. Check the system both on the inside and outside. Please note that if you suspect animal damage but can’t actually see any signs of it during the winter, you should employ a professional icicle and snow removal service right away. The technicians performing the removal will be able to identify any additional problems that require immediate repair.
  • Handle the critter problem by using specialized tools. Animal damage comes in many forms. While a stray raccoon trying to build a nest in your chimney is an unfortunate occurrence that can be dealt with by removing the animal, an infestation of mice is a more serious problem. If the damage is caused by something like this, you will need to employ a pest control service before performing any roof repairs.
  • Regular maintenance. Some types of animal damage may be impossible to notice through a basic inspection. Therefore, it’s essential to employ the Royal Roofing Inc. roof maintenance team at least once a year. Using specialized equipment allows professional technicians to notice any hidden problems and fix them fast.