Cedar Roof Repair in Toronto Area

Cedar roofing is popular in Toronto. These systems are affordable, reliable, and give the house an attractive and cozy look. This roofing is durable and its lifespan directly depends on the quality of maintenance. It’s within your power to make your roof last decades with minimal investment, as timely cedar roofing repairs are cheap.

Four Steps of Cedar Roof Repair and Maintenance In GTA

Both cedar roof restoration, repair and maintenance aim to improve roofing system condition and increase its lifespan, that is why it’s not surprising that these processes consist of similar steps. Repair is included maintenance includes repair. Steps that need to be taken to fix cedar roofs are:
  1. Inspection
The inspection must be carried out by certified professionals using specialized equipment. This way, even minor issues invisible to the naked eye can be identified and fixed before they deteriorate. Our technician will need to climb onto the roof and inspect it section by section Not to miss anything. Every elements will be checked individually to ensure its strength and integrity. He will catalogue the issues that need to be repaired and provide you with a detailed report.
  1. Cleaning
Cedar roof cleaning entails removing debris and using professional-grade equipment, specialized solutions to remove mold, algae, and any other kind of contaminant. The supplies used during the procedure are designed for cedar roofs and will not damage the material itself. Yearly cleaning is a necessary part of cedar roof maintenance. It’s imperative to remove debris and dirt even when performing emergency repairs on small sections of the surface as the contaminants may hide cracks and other defects that can cause leaks. cedar-roof-repair-320
  1. Repair
Depending on the problem type, our technicians will help you find cedar roof company, develop cost-efficient solution that can be implemented immediately. Common type of cedar shake roof repair is shakes replacement. This can be done quickly and the necessary minimum of the pieces will be replaced for cost reduction. If the roofing is damaged, the technicians will advise replacement plans that will meet your needs and budget. Note that one of common sources of leaks are vents that disrupt the roofing system integrity. Sometimes, a vent replacement may be necessary to solve the problem permanently.
  1. Preservation
Cedar shake roof maintenance and repair session must end with applying specialized treatments that increase weather-resistance and lifespan of the surface. A variety of these products are available and our technicians, who are experienced in repairing cedar roofs all over Toronto, will be able to pick the best one for your particular roofing system.

Roll Rubber Roofing Types In Richmondhill

Rubber roofing systems differ based on materials and application procedures. Roll rubber roofing materials popular in Toronto are:
  • EPDM (Ethylene Propylene Diene Terpolymer).
This is a popular solution for commercial buildings because it’s affordable, durable, and resistant to damage. This material is even more durable and great for decks and industrial roofs with heavy traffic. Based on the application procedure the following types of rubber roofing exist:
  • Fully-adhered.
Best for contoured roofs due to system’s flexibility.
  • Mechanically-fastened.
Strong and reliable system.
  • Loose-laid.
Durable but heavier system. Take your time to look into roll rubber roofing options available and choose carefully. This system can serve you well for decades, and you can make it look like new by applying a coating once every couple of years. This solution is a great option for Toronto, because it’s resistant to the damage from the elements and can be easily restored to its original beauty and strength. Thousands of shingles are used in the construction of a typical wooden roof. It is not unusual for some of them to splinter or become otherwise damaged overtime. To be replaced, wooden shingles, must be split into multiple pieces by using a chisel and a hammer, so that they can be safely and easily removed with pliers. After that, a new shingle can replace the damaged one and galvanized cedar nails are used to secure new roofing intact.

Cedar Shake Repair in Mississauga

The repair of cedar roof tiles is similar to that of a wooden shake roof:
  • Damaged shakes are fractured by using a hammer and a chisel, and the broken fragments are carefully pulled out.
  • Сedar roof tiles are more difficult to repair than shingles, because their lack of flexibility makes it impossible to pry the nails out of them. A hacksaw needs to be used to cut the heads of the nails off. If this is impossible to do without inducing further damage to surrounding shakes, the roofer needs to work around the existing nails.
  • When the broken shake is removed, a new one is cut, the new piece must be 3/8 inch smaller than the original, to allow room for swelling which will occur after rainfall.
  • When the new shake is installed, it is secured with galvanized nails. If the original nail was successfully cut out of the broken shake, a new one is slid in its place and secured by two galvanized nails. If it proved impossible to remove the nails, the new shake will have to be carved using a coping saw, to fit exactly into the space around them.
  • Finally, caulking can be applied over the nail heads after all the new shakes are installed.