Roof Flashing in Toronto

Residential or commercial, slate tile or standing seam metal, flat or sloped, roofs require flashing to avoid leaks and save you a fortune on the repair. Roof flashing is a vital part of the system that protects its sensitive areas. Correct installation is essential when it comes to flashing because it determines whether it will perform as it should.

Professionals working at Royal Roofing Inc. in Toronto and GTA are true experts and can install, repair, and replace this system efficiently. This will restore the integrity of your roofing system and ensure it serves you well for many years. Considering Toronto weather, secure sealing of your roof is a necessity that is why you should aim to install the best one you can afford.

Roof Flashing Types in GTA

roof flashing

Considering the variety of roofing types available on the market, it’s natural that the selection of roof flashing types for these systems is just as wide. Note that it’s not imperative that the flashing and the roofing material are the same. In some situations, this is the best choice as it increases the efficiency of the protection.

Often, metal is a common choice. It’s durable, weather-resistant, and provides a high degree of protection from leaks. Options you can choose from are:

  • Steel
  • Stainless steel
  • Aluminum
  • Copper
  • Tin
  • Lead
  • Zinc

Popular materials are considered specialized silicone and plastic solutions. They are more susceptible to the elemental damage, that’s why it’s important to choose right areas where to install these pieces carefully. Our professional technicians will provide you with advice regarding this matter and help you make cost-efficient decision.

Roof Flashing Installation: Areas That Require Protection

Flashing a roof is a complex process. There are many areas that require this type of safety and specialized techniques that need to be employed during covering them. Please note that the type of roofing panels (flat, corrugated, etc.) will affect the choice of flashing. Roof flashing should be installed in the following places:
  • Dormer windows
Use high-quality metal flashing on a roof as dormers are one of the red leak risk areas. It needs to be interwoven with the roofing material and extend into the front apron to provide maximum protection from all sides.
  • Chimneys
Chimneys require special protection that needs to extend up the body of the chimney to prevent mortar and brick crumbling in places they come in contact with the roofing. Abundant use of sealant is a must to make this area waterproof.
  • Skylights
There can’t be too much flashing at this part. You may have to raise a skylight if reroofing allows enough room for installing protection. Vents and pipes Regardless of the type and shape of the vent/pipe, flashing will need to be complemented with top-quality sealing. A variety of products are available, so you can receive a high degree of protection for any material.
  • Valleys
This has many types and profiles. Remember that before choosing materials and developing designs you need to be sure that you will be able to make it impenetrable for water.
  • Roof to walls
Drip flashing here is essential as this is where a leak may go unnoticed and deal a great amount of structural damage. You should consult a professional when making a decision since materials of flashing and roofing may be incompatible and professionals know better how to install roof flashing. This is a common problem for metals as when galvanic corrosion may occur when they touch and damage both materials. Royal Roofing Inc. in Oakville technicians will provide you with advice regarding optimal flashing solutions for your roof and explain why exactly this is the best option.