Commercial Flat Roof

Commercial Flat Roof in downtown Toronto Beaches Unlike residential properties, where designers have a lot of room for creativity when it comes to creating the roof, commercial buildings must put efficiency before aesthetics. This is the reason why the vast majority of industrial buildings in Toronto have flat roofs.

Why Commercial Flat Roof Is the Best Choice

The popularity of commercial flat roofs in Toronto can be explained easily when you take into account the benefits offered by this type of system. They are:
  • Simplicity of installation. Pitched roofs are complex constructions, which makes them more difficult to install. As flat roofs are the simplest type of systems, installing them requires less time, which reduces the cost of labor.
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  • Affordability. There are a variety of materials and commercial flat roofing types available today. The vast majority of them are rather cheap, and the lack of decorative elements reduces the overall cost further. At Royal Roofing Inc. we can help you pick the most cost-efficient roofing solution for your commercial property in Toronto. The most popular types of commercial flat roofing systems are: How to Install Torch Down Roofing
    • Modified bitumen
    • EPDM
    • Thermoplastic (PVC and TPO)
    • Built-up roofs
    • Single ply membrane
  • Extreme durability. If installed and maintained properly, a flat commercial roof can last for decades. For example, PVC systems can last for about 30 years and EPDM, on average, lasts about 15.
  • Additional space. Toronto is a big city, but the cost of maintaining a commercial property here is rather high. Therefore, it’s essential for businesses to use space in the most efficient manner to cut down on the rent and other costs. A flat roof provides you with an opportunity to move part of the equipment or open small storage right on top of the building. Note, if you plan to use the roof in this manner, you should discuss your ideas with our experienced technicians so that we can help you develop the best system configuration for your needs.
  • High wind resistance. An average commercial flat roof in Toronto doesn’t face many severe weather trials, however, having a roof that allows for a higher wind resistance rate is always wise. This reduces the risk of elemental damage and generally increases the system’s lifespan.
Commercial Flat Roof Maintenance As you can see, flat roofing systems are indeed the best option for commercial properties in Toronto. Check out the page about Royal Roofing Inc. industrial roofing solutions to learn more.

Important Tips for Commercial Flat Roof Maintenance

Like with any type of commercial roofing, maintenance is the key to keeping your commercial property in good condition. The owners of industrial buildings in Toronto need to be aware of the following facts in order to reduce the risk of leaks and costly repairs:
  • Commercial flat roofs must be inspected on a monthly basis. A basic inspection entails looking for water stains, leaks, rust, and mold on the inside as well as pools of water, cracks and deformations in the roofing surface. If you notice any of these warning signs, contact Royal Roofing Inc. right away. Our technicians will conduct a thorough inspection to determine the exact cause of the problem and fix it before it gets worse.
  • Flat roofs require regular cleaning. Debris and dirt should be removed once a month and after every storm in order to reduce the rate of roofing material’s deterioration. This is especially important during winter as the roof must be kept clean of snow.
  • The roof must be inspected and serviced by professionals twice a year. The best times for inspections are early fall and late spring.
  • A flat roof must have walkways. If the roof is used regularly, it must have dedicated walkways to reduce the deterioration of surface material.
Emergency Commercial Flat Roofing From small scale projects such as school and medical office buildings to major constructions such as hospitals, distribution warehouses and high rises, the major in advancements in commercial roofing technologies had utterly transformed construction schedules. The building process is increasingly gaining speed and momentum and the roofing process is changing along with it, as it is now much more efficient and versatile due to a wide range of design options available for different building types. Royal Roofing Inc keeps all of its methods completely up to date with all the industrial construction innovation, ensuring its clients with an alternative to traditional roofing projects. We utilize the most efficient and financially sound product sourcing techniques and provide a wide range of flexible roofing options, which can accommodate for any construction project, even if it must account for future expansion possibilities.