Metal Roof Cost

Installing a metal roofing system is a wise investment as it can last for decades and will increase the value of your property. The metal roof cost can vary depending on several factors. As the quality and durability of these systems are extremely high, their prices usually go on par with other premium-quality roofs, such as clay tile, slate, and cedar. However, there are some more affordable but no less durable metal roofing types for those who want to install a good system on a budget.

As an experienced Toronto metal roofing contractor, Royal Roofing Inc. can help you design and install a kind of metal roof that will fit into your budget.

Metal Roof Cost: Metal Vs. Asphalt Shingles

There is no arguing the fact that asphalt shingles are the most affordable of reliable roofing options today. Therefore, even the simplest metal roof will be more expensive than this option. However, the durability and energy-efficiency of metal systems are vastly superior to asphalt shingles.

Considering this, higher metal roof prices make sense as the product you receive is of much better quality. In addition, this type of system will help you reduce your energy bills, thereby increasing its cost-efficiency. Our experienced pros will help you design a metal roof that will be both durable and affordable.

Metal Roofing Types Popular in Toronto

The type of roofing system is the most important factor that determines its cost. Therefore, understanding the differences between the available options will help you choose the best one for you.

The most popular residential metal roofing types in Toronto, and Canada in general, are:

Corrugated panels.

Corrugated metal roofing prices are the lowest as the installation process for this system is rather simple and the panels themselves are rather affordable. In some cases, the cost of materials may be close to the cost of asphalt shingles, but the durability of this roof will be greater. The drawback of this option is the fact that corrugated panels are made of thin metal sheets (usually galvanized steel) covered with an acrylic coating that only lasts about 15 years. The system’s lifespan can be extended if the roof is well-maintained and the coating is renewed every few years. Note that corrugated metal panels cannot be installed on residential roofs with complex designs.

Conclusion: A good option for those on a budget as corrugated sheet metal roofing prices are lower.

Metal shingles.

The metal shingles cost is greater, but so is their quality. The shingles are usually made of steel (G-90) or aluminum, but there are also tin, copper, and zinc options available. The cost will depend largely on the material. As the steel roof prices aren’t particularly high nowadays, this roofing system can be rather affordable. However, it’s the cost can increase if the system design is complex, but the shingles can be installed on a roof of any configuration. Conclusion: a good and affordable option for those who seek the look and quality compared to slate and clay tile roofs.

Standing seam.

Standing seam metal roofing prices are the highest, so this system is not budget-friendly by default. However, the most important factor that affects this price is the cost of installation. If the design is simple, the overall standing seam roof cost will be reduced significantly.

Conclusion: a good choice for those who want a roof that will last a lifetime. The cost directly depends on the system’s design.

The Bottom Line

Metal roofing prices aren’t the lowest on the market, but considering the efficiency and durability of these systems, a larger initial investment is a well worth it. Use an online calculator to determine the exact price, which will depend on the metal roofing materials and the system’s design.

When you compare the prices offered by various Toronto metal roofing companies, do not forget that the quality of installation determines the system’s lifespan. Therefore, you should hire experienced and certified professionals, like the ones working at Royal Roofing Inc.