Infrared Roof Inspection Toronto GTA

epdm-roof-572 During an infrared roof inspection, an infrared camera is used to detect areas of wet insulation beneath the roof membrane. It is a great diagnostic tool that can provide valuable information about the condition of your roof system that can’t be discovered through visual inspection alone.

For virtually pennies per square foot, you will be able to gain important knowledge necessary to prevent the future expenditure of several dollars per square foot.

Why Should You Worry About Wet Insulation?

Undetected wet roof insulation is the main leading cause of premature roof failure. It can (and will likely) lead to the following problems:

  • Increased cooling and heating costs due to the deterioration of the insulations’ thermal efficiency (wet insulation can’t insulate)
  • Deterioration of the insulation, the roofing membrane, and even the roof deck itself
  • Addition of unwanted loads to the building structures (wet insulation becomes heavier)
  • Delamination of the complete roof assembly as a result freeze-thaw cycles that occur in wet materials
  • Premature and costly roof replacement
  • Formation of mold and other potential health hazards for staff

How Can a Thermographic Scan Save Money?

There are a few ways, in which conducting a thermographic scan can save you money down the line:

1. Identification of potentially serious problems, such as mold or roof failure, before they become expensive and dangerous.

By the time the problem with your roof becomes apparent due to a leak or another visible warning sign, wet insulation has been causing undetected damage for quite some time. This means that serious damage may have already occurred to the roof or the entire building structure. And, once a roof system fails, costs instantly start to amplify due to:

  • Potential for structural damage of the building 
  • Costly roof replacement
  • Health and safety liability concerns, such as mold, injuries, and more
  • Damage to expensive interior assets like furniture or equipment
  • Loss of productivity due to reconstruction and asset loss

2. Identification of early, much less expensive maintenance or repair solutions.

If wet insulation is detected at an early stage or in only small localized areas, there are many potential solutions that cost a fraction of the expenses listed above:

  • Preventative maintenance repairs to extend the roof life
  • An aging roof system with no to minimal amounts of wet insulation can be restored at below ½ of the replacement costs
  • Localized replacement, with only some sections of the roof replaced

How Can I Gain Better Control of My Company’s Roof Assets?

At Royal Roofing Inc., we offer a comprehensive Roof Management Program to help building managers and owners to organize, assess, and budget for all of their roofing needs. When we set up the program for you, you can expect:

1. Visual inspection of all roofs.

2. Comprehensive report submitted to you, which will include:

  • Conditions of all roofs described in detail
  • Recommendations for any required restoration, preventative maintenance, or replacement work
  • Accompanying photographs to illustrate findings
  • Recommendations for thermographic scans where necessary
  • A timeline and budget figures of necessary projects to help you properly plan required expenditures and avoid large unanticipated expenditures

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