Copper Roof Flashing in Toronto Area

copper roof flashing The importance of flashing cannot be measured since it’s the part of your roof that protects places vulnerable to leaks. Copper flashing enhances the appearance of the roof, granting a higher degree of security thanks to the fact that this metal is impervious to the elemental damage. We at Royal Roofing Inc. can install, repair, and replace copper roof flashing at an affordable price.

Where Copper Roof Flashing Is Installed

The role of copper flashing is to offer an additional defense from the leaks. It should be installed in the following places:
  • Dormer windows
Each home being unique, the configuration of the system will be developed based on the roofing type and the shape of the dormer windows. To provide the maximum level of safety, every single row of roofing material should be embedded with it and it should be used as a strip around the dormer.  Installing the flashing system in a way that it extends into the front apron,  will increase its efficiency. …continued under the gallery
  • Skylights
There can’t be too much flashing for skylights. If yours has this piece already attached, you should still install additional one to reduce leaking risks. Proper installation is crucial, and our skillful roofers know exactly how to ensure your skylight doesn’t give you troubles. copper roof flashing
  • Vents and pipe vents
Vents are high-risk areas, they must be protected with extra layers of flashing and proper sealants. Copper flashing is a good choice as it’s impervious to water and actually becomes better with time because oxidation creates protective layers on the metal.
  • Chimneys
Copper chimney in Toronto must be installed by experienced specialists using the best tools and supplies available. This part of your roof presents the highest risk of leaking, that is why providing efficient protection is vital. You should install copper flashing even though you choose cheaper alternatives for other parts. This metal is perfect because it’s flexible and durable. If installed correctly, the chance of your copper chimney flashing developing leaks is minimal as it will take strong hails to damage it.
  • Ridges
Copper roof ridge can enhance to look of your sloped roof, even though the roofing itself is made from different materials. It’s durable, aesthetically appealing, and offers a high degree of protection. Be aware that it will change color with time because it develops patina due to the natural effects of oxidation. This will change the image of your house. If you want to make your roof more durable and reliable without replacing it completely installing copper roof flashing is a wise decision. It can be installed in any system, including tile, shingle, panel, flat, and standing seam roofing. Even some green roofs may benefit from this particular type of protection because they require flashing like other systems. Please note that despite its extreme versatility and efficiency levels, it shouldn’t be used where it comes in direct contact with aluminum, zinc, or coated steel. This can speed up the process of natural deterioration of the aforementioned materials, though copper itself remains strong as it originally was. Copper is a suitable material because it’s flexible enough to form it into any shape necessary, that is why it will be a perfect fit. When installed by qualified professionals, this flashing will effectively protect your roof for many years to come. Royal Roofing Inc. technicians will take care of your flashing system quality and it will serve you for decades.