Flat Roof Sealer in Toronto

Modern roofing materials available can effectively protect your home from the weather. No matter how good they are, these materials suffer from the onslaught of the elements. Roof sealant for leaks is a product that will help you strengthen them and increase the lifespan of your roof as a whole.

At Royal Roofing Inc. we understand the unique demands of Toronto weather and will help you choose the right kind of sealer for your roof and apply it properly. This protective layer will prevent leaks and save you money as it will postpone roofing replacement by several years.

Roof Sealers Overview In GTA

A Variety of roof sealing products are available on the market, and each has a unique set of benefits. This is why you may need professional consultation to make the right choice. Few factors must be considered when choosing this product.

Popular types are liquid and spray-on roof sealers. The liquid roof sealer is painted onto the roof. This is a lengthy process that must be performed by experienced professionals to ensure comprehensive and even coating. Even a self-leveling roof sealer should be applied by professionals. A roof sealer spray is easier to use, yet the efficiency of these products is limited and they may not be compatible with certain types of roofing.

Roof sealant for leaks is mostly used on flat roofs, yet some specialized options for sloped roofs exist. These products are developed to go with a specific type of roofing. You can find rubber, asphalt, concrete, EPDM, and shingles and tile sealants.

Some systems, like roll-on rubber roof, are designed to be used with sealants. It’s essential to paint them with a suitable type of coating every few years. Consult one of our experienced roofers to determine how often you will need to repeat this treatment as the level of traffic and other factors influence the wear down the rate of the material. Manufacturer’s recommendations may not apply in some cases.

An important reason for sealing your roof is enhanced protection from water damage. You shouldn’t forget that a waterproof sealer suitable for asphalt shingle roof might be useless for metal. It’s essential to choose the correct type of product based on the material of your roofing.

The vast majority of metal roofs sealers are universal. You can find specialized options for tin, aluminum, etc. It’s best to consult a professional regarding the characteristics of the product to choose the one that will be most efficient in your particular case.

Despite specialized types of roof leak sealers being available, this product itself cannot effectively fix a leak in the roof. It is used during the repair process. There are other similar solutions with specific purposes that are used during roofing repair and installation, for example, roof flashing sealant.

The best flat roof sealers most commonly used in Toronto are acrylic and silicone. Acrylic sealers are water-based and eco-friendly, more susceptible to water damage. Silicone products are great for Toronto. They can easily withstand extreme temperature changes. Their weakness is a lack of aesthetic appeal as dirt sticks to them over time.

The vast majority of roof sealants are clear, yet there are some white and even silver products that can enhance the appearance of your roof and protect it. You can even find some roof sealing paint that will completely transform the look of your roof.

In Oakville, Richmondhill, and Brampton at  Royal Roofing Inc. we offer a wide range of roof sealants for any type of roofing system and our trained technicians possess the skills, tools, and experience necessary to apply each of these products perfectly.