Copper Roof Restoration in Toronto Area

A copper roof is a true beauty and can make any home look amazing. This roofing option is popular in Toronto as its appearance, durability, and energy efficiency rates are impressive. However, if not maintained properly, it will lose its shine and attractiveness. Our experienced professionals will be able to restore your roof to its former glory by using advanced cleaning solutions, treatments, and equipment. Remember that to stay beautiful, this roofing system requires regular cleaning and maintenance.

How to Clean a Copper Roof

The best way to ensure your roofing system sustains its good condition is to employ professional copper roof cleaners once a year. It is possible to perform the cleaning yourself, yet this is a dangerous task. Copper is a good choice of material for roofing, especially if you choose tiles made of this metal. The problem is that metals are slippery. Roof climbing without using specialized safety tools and no professional skills is a huge risk. You need to remember that cleaning and polishing a copper roof requires the use of specialized chemicals. The best commercial-grade solutions aren’t available in general stores of Toronto. We at Royal Roofing Inc. purchase our supplies from leading companies that specialize in professional roofing solutions. They are recognized by copper roofing manufacturers as treatments that are safe to use with their products. These cleaners, coatings, other treatments can effectively increase the roof’s lifespan and can restore the natural shine of copper even if it has been neglected for years. Our experienced technicians will assess the metal condition and pick solutions that will be effective for your particular case.

Tips for Cleaning and Restoring Copper Roofs

Copper metal roof restoration and cleaning process should go as follows:
  1. Inspection.
A qualified professional will examine the roof to determine the best course of action. You will be informed of the available options for you to choose solutions that meet your needs and budget best.
  1. Cleaning.
A team of certified specialists will climb onto your roof and perform cleaning using solutions of your choosing. Note that the safety equipment requirements vary depending on the size and configuration of the system. In some situations, scaffolding may need to be installed. The team working on your roof will know the right way to do the job.
  1. Inspection and repair.
With the dirt, debris and any other contaminants removed, the roof will be inspected again so that the technicians can see any signs of problems previously covered by dirt. Any discovered issues will be reported. You will be able to decide what kind of action should be taken. Don’t forget that repairing any problems right after they occur can prevent leaks that can cause serious water damage to your property. Note that copper awning, in particular, should be fixed timely because faulty or ruins the integrity of the roofing and leads to seepage that will damage the inner elements of the system.
  1. Treatment.
There are a variety of specialized treatments that can help protect your copper roof from weather damage and deterioration. Copper in itself is its best protection because metal is resistant to oxidation and becomes better with time. Regular cleaning and an occasional coating are all the service you need to keep the roof in top condition for decades. Regular copper cleaning service can help you save a large amount of money as it can prevent most of the roofing problems, save the cost of expensive maintenance and repair. We at Royal Roofing Inc. can help Toronto residents clean and restore any kind of copper roof.