Cedar Roof Cost in Toronto

cedar roof cost

Cedar roofs are installed on luxury residences because cedar wood is among expensive types of wood. Their popularity has increased because of the unique features:

  • Beautiful appearance
  • Extreme durability
  • Resistance to water, wind, and fire
  • Energy saving

Let’s consider some factors that influence the final price of the roofing.

A Type of Cedar Wood In GTA

If you want to have a cedar roof, determine which type of wood shingles you prefer. Popular options are red and white Canadian cedar. They differ in price, that is why search for quotes and compare them. Want a professional opinion on wood types, cedar shingles price and their features?  Just give call us.

Red cedar shingles cost is higher than that of white shingles due to the ability of red one to withstand the weather more effectively. This is an important feature for Oakville, Toronto and the area where humid summers and snowy winters are a normal thing. If red shingles are additionally processed with specialized preservatives, they become even more durable, and more expensive.

cedar roof cost
White cedar roof prices are more affordable for the majority of those who want to have a pretty wooden roof. The appearance of white wood is not the same as the look of red cedar. Unlike red wood, white wood shingles don’t develop a deeper color. Instead, they become gray or silvery with time or because of the influence of the weather. White wood is grainier, making moisture and dust particles get into it easier. This can eventually cause deformations and cracking. White one is much more durable than asphalt shingles or even popular metal roofing materials.

The Necessary Maintenance In Oakville

The maintenance which such roofs demand determines the general cost of the whole thing. They don’t require specialized maintenance apart from the occasional removal of mold and mildew. The wood is soaked with natural volatile oils that prevent the development of fungi and insects. This is why it’s possible that you will not have to resort to mold removal throughout the roof’s entire lifespan.

cedar roof cost

The Size and Shape of the Roof In Woodbridge

The size of your roof and its shape can influence the overall cost greatly. The bigger the surface is, the more wood will be needed to purchase to cover it. If you choose cedar shakes, you will need to pay for reinforced insulation. It’s necessary to build a strong roofing system that will provide you with proper insulation. Roofing systems should be chosen by professionals. Feel free to contact us at Royal Roofing Inc. for expert advice.

The cost can be dictated by the steepness of the slopes. Installing shingles or shakes on steep slopes is linked to certain difficulties that can make them expensive.

The Roof Protection In Mississauga

One of important features of roofing material is its fire resistance. Like any wood, cedar is flammable. It’s soaked with volatile oils that can increase its flammability. This is why if you want to have a safe and reliable roof, choose shingles or shakes that have been processed for better fire resistance. This procession will certainly increase the cost of cedar shakes and the general cost of the cedar roof but you will be safer under such a roof. Besides that, less flammable means that you will pay less for the insurance of the building.

If it already seems to you that a cedar roof is something that your budget cannot cover, you need to remember that hiring professional contractors can significantly reduce the cost of a cedar roof.