Copper Roofing in Toronto

copper roofing Architects have been using copper roofing in their works for centuries. For instance, systems that can be seen today date back centuries. If you want to have a roof that will remain strong even as your grandchildren start having kids of their own, copper is the best solution.

At Royal Roofing Inc. we offer copper metal roofing systems to Toronto residents. We can assist you in designing a roof that will boost the image of your house and boost its value. Since panel prices are too high to install them on commercial properties, it is used in residential systems. This system doesn’t come cheap, but considering the benefits offered by this material, its cost is justified.

Benefits of Copper Roofing

Copper metal roofing systems made out of this material have various advantages including:

  • Low maintenance.

Roof care can be costly and time-consuming. Yet this system needs little care. You won’t need to do anything beyond an annual cleaning unless some horrible hurricane attacks Toronto and damages your roof with the flying debris.

Note that this procedure should be performed by professional contractors, because they use specialized solutions and tools that won’t damage patina, the natural protective coating that prevents corrosion.

  • High degree of weather protection.

Snowy Toronto winters won’t be threatening your roof, since this material is impervious to water damage, and its natural protection gets stronger when the metal ages and oxidates (patina). Properly placed copper roofs won’t be damaged by winds. This metal offers efficient lightning protection.

  • Fire resistance.

Copper roofs won’t catch on fire from a stray ember that travels up your chimney. If a fire occurs inside the house, the roof can prevent it from spreading.

  • Sustainability.

These roofs are green. Patina turns the metal greenish, but it indicates that it’s environmentally friendly that matters most. This roof can last for centuries and be recycled if you decide to replace it.

Copper Roofing Types

copper roofing in Toronto Choosing the finest type of copper roofing is bound to be difficult as many options are available and each of them is good. Our experts will provide you with advice and highlight the pros and cons of every solution so that you can make a wise decision.

Popular types of copper roofs are:

  • Flat seam.

Curved surfaces, vaults, domes, and low-slope roofs.

  • Batten seam.

Cupolas, domes, and barrel vaults.

  • Standing seam.

Can be used to create any type of standing seam construction.

copper roofing Copper being highly flexible, it’s perfect for creating custom roofing solutions. Different types of copper tiles and shingles exist on the market. You can even purchase strips of metal for making some creative details. Corrugated copper roofing is available and popular due to its attractive appearance. You will need to install a flashing made of the same material because this roof deserves nothing less.

Despite it being an amazing material on its own, with zinc alloys, they are efficient as well. They have all the benefits of copper but offer different colors. Note that patina on these systems will have a different hue. Consider lead-coated roofing if you want to have a light lead-colored roof with the endurance of copper.

Royal Roofing Inc. can help you design, install, repair, or restore any type of copper roof. This incredible metal is durable and even if you buy a property with such a roof that hasn’t been maintained in years, the chance is high that it can be returned to its former glory. Even though this type of system is fairly costly, it will prove to be a cost-efficient solution in the long run.

All of these features describe copper roofs. We provide roofing in Toronto and GTA at the best prices and maintain the highest level of customer satisfaction. If you have roof requirements, give Royal Roofing a call today. We create any type of standing seam construction.

Oxidation process plays a great role in making copper roofs long lasting and strong. Luckily, copper tiles that have been coated with a protective structure prevent the harmful impact of the surroundings on the copper roof. this and the right technology of laying the material boosts its lifespan.

Copper has become one of the most prestigious roofing materials. It is high-quality roofing material resistant to external environmental impact providing excellent performance and a rich appearance, which will serve you and your family for many years. The key to all of this is a knowledgeable and skilled installation. We can assure that Royal Roofing is providing a hassle-free and reliable solution using a high-quality copper roof which is installed by our specialists.

When you are choosing this kind of roofs, eventually you get a high quality, durable, elegant roof that if taken care of will defend your property and family for decades.

Copper Patina (Naturally Developing Protective Covering)

A Patina, also referred to as verdigris, when exposed to weather elements develops protection. The Patina reforms if it is ever damaged, which ensures incredible durability and resistance to corrosion in almost any environment. This same process is what ensures the longevity of the famous Statue of Liberty, since it is made of copper.

Copper Roofing Installation

Three possible placement methods exist for these systems. It can be applied as a pre-measured continuous covering called standing seam copper roofing, formed from smaller panels or applied in the form of shingles. copper roofing

Copper roofing sheets are sold by weight, and their thickness is measured by the amount of ounces (oz) per square foot. Residential roofing projects generally require 16oz sheeting, while commercial applications call for the use of 20oz of the material. For other purposes, copper sheets may be sold by gauge.

Copper Roofs Installation in GTA

Royal Roofing Inc. prides itself on upholding a guarantee of providing friendly, fast and efficient services. We employ an experienced team of tradesmen, trained in traditional and modern placement methods. We make sure to uphold high standards of work to provide you with lasting, beautiful and watertight roofs. We also provide a service of installing steel roofing systems.