Roof Leak Repair in Toronto

Any roofing problems must be addressed right away as they may lead to leaks and other issues that will result in great amounts of property damage. These repairs are sure to be expensive, so you should aim to prevent them and timely fix a leaking roof. To do this, you’ll need to inspect your roofing regularly and contact us after discovering a problem.

Common Roofing Repairs in GTA

Common types of problems that residential and commercial property owners can face in Toronto are:

  • Broken or missing shingles. This issue is caused by storms, harm from fallen tree branches, natural roofing deterioration. The problem is solved by replacing the damaged piece, fixing the flashing and insulation underneath.
  • Leaks around vents and chimneys. Punctures in the roof carry risks of leaking. Replacing a damaged vent, changing the flashing, installing a chimney cap are the most common solutions.
  • Rotten fascia (part of the roof that covers the eaves). Problem occurs due to water damage, requires replacement of the affected pieces.
  • Clogged/damaged gutters. Lack of proper roof drainage leads to leaks, speeds up roofing deterioration. Regular maintenance and after-storm cleaning can prevent the problem.
  • Tenting, billowing, blow-offs. This issue is caused by poor installation and affects the efficiency and durability of the roof. The solution is developed based on the type of roofing and damage in each individual case.
  • Damaged flashing. Flashing is installed on roof joints under the shingles to prevent leaks. Incorrect installation, poor quality of materials, natural deterioration may cause leaks due to flashing damage. Our technicians can remove the shingles carefully, change the flashing and fix damages caused by the leak, and put shingles back.

Remember, regular roofing maintenance can prevent many roofing problems and save you a lot of money.

4 Signs That Say You Need a Roof Leak Repair

Leaks are dangerous kinds of roofing problem, and sometimes, they may not be obvious. Search the following signs during your regular inspections to make sure you fix a leaky roof timely:

  1. Buckling or curling shingles. Use binoculars to take a closer look at your shingles without risk.
  2. Missing shingles. This problem occurs after storms when the roofing suffers some form of structural damage. This issue needs fast action. Every hour of exposure to the elements deals serious harm to the materials.
  3. Roof rot and mold. Algae and mold on the shingles are signs of water damage. Even if your roof isn’t leaky, it might deteriorate fast, if it’s raining or snowing.
  4. Water stains on your wall or ceiling. After noticing yellowish spots on your ceiling, top of the walls, or around vents, chimneys, call a team of qualified residential roof repair contractors immediately. These spots indicate that your roofing is seriously damaged, even if you don’t see problems.

Sooner one contacts our Toronto office after discovering one of these warning signs, the less roof leak repair cost will be for fixing the harm from the leak.

Why It’s Better to Turn to Experienced Roofing Repair Contractors In Mississauga

A variety of DIY roofing repair guides available today make it seem that fixing a roof is easy. There is no arguing the fact that basic repairs can be performed by non-professionals. However, don’t forget that working on the roof without specialized safety equipment and training is dangerous. Even small mistakes can cost you dearly as falls from roofs are responsible for 1/3 of all construction fall fatalities.

This rate gets even higher for DIY enthusiasts who don’t use professional harnesses and scaffolding, don’t receive specialized safety training and don’t know how to repair a roof leak. Therefore, you shouldn’t risk your health climbing on the roof. We, at Royal Roofing Inc. are ready to come to your aid 24/7 and offer cost-efficient emergency roof repair solutions in Toronto.