Standing Seam Roofing


The sleek clean lines of a standing seam metal roof can make any building look beautiful, so it’s really not surprising that installing this system boosts the property value. Yes, this type of metal roofing is not the cheapest option available, but it makes an amazing long-term investment.

Standing seam metal roofs require little maintenance and can be installed on any building. At Royal Roofing Inc., we have plenty of experience building these systems and will help you develop a design that will provide maximum protection, boost the curb appeal of the building, and fit within your budget.

Standing Seam Metal Roof Details

The biggest advantage of a standing seam metal roof is its extreme durability. Metal roofing is durable by default, but this particular type of system takes this resilience to a new level, substantially cutting the maintenance and repair costs.

This effect is achieved by a combination of two factors:
  • Quality of the materials
  • System construction design

A roof like this is built to be completely weathertight, which means it’s an excellent choice for Toronto where nasty weather is a common occurrence. As the structure of a standing seam metal construction is as strong as it’s possible to achieve, even strong winds and hails won’t be able to damage your roofing. Heavy snow caps also shouldn’t be a problem, though you will need to employ a professional icicle and snow removal service occasionally as the winters in Ontario are too snowy.

The curb appeal of this system is increased by the fact that there are quite a few standing seam metal roof colors available for you to choose from. You can install green, red, brown, blue, or gray metal panels and the look of your property will change completely. The manufacturers offer a variety of different shades of these basic colors that you can check out by studying the samples we provide.

standing-seam-roofing-371 The cost, efficiency, durability, and appearance of the standing seam metal roofing system will depend on the type of the panels you choose. There are four main types:

  • Double-lock seam. Also known as structural seam, these panels can be effectively curved to create elaborate constructions and offer a high level of wind resistance.
  • Symmetrical seam. As the seam is symmetrical this system allows for any roof design, regardless of its complexity. Tests indicate that its ability to withstand uplift pressures is extraordinary.
  • 1-piece snap lock. This is the best option for decked applications with slopes around 3:12.
  • 2-piece snap lock. This system should be installed on a solid deck. These panels are incredibly flexible and are a great choice for elaborate roof designs.

Standing Seam Metal Roofing Materials

Standing Seam Metal Roofing Materials One of the most important factors that affect the cost of this roof is the material of the panels. The most popular choice in Toronto is galvanized steel as it offers superior weather-resistance and durability at a reasonable price.

Aluminum isn’t the best choice for this particular system as it’s too soft, so the risk of dents increases greatly. If you want to have the aluminum rust-resistance without the drawbacks of this metal, you should choose galvalume. This alloy is much stronger, but it’s the most expensive option of the three. Only valuable metals, like copper, are more expensive, but these premium-quality materials offer superior durability and resistance to corrosion. For example, copper roofing usually comes with a lifetime warranty while top-of-the-line steel has a maximum of a 50-year warranty.

The cost of the material is an important factor and will also determine the cost of additional supplies used during the. However, the thing that makes standing seam metal roofs so expensive is the cost of labor.

This means that it’s within your power to design a system that you will be able to afford. We at Royal Roofing Inc. will do our best to help you develop this construction and install it quickly and efficiently.