Tar And Gravel Roof Repair

Commercial Flat Roof - Tar And Gravel Roof Repair Tar and gravel roofs have always been quite popular due to their low price. They have been known for years before the invention of more effective roofing solutions. Tar and gravel roofs are made quite easily.
  1. It’s necessary to create several layers of fiberglass canvas or perforated felt with some asphalt between them.
  2. The top layer is also covered with hot asphalt.
  3. The gravel is poured out onto it while it’s still hot.

Drawbacks of the Tar and Gravel Roof

Such roofs can develop cracks and other damage with time, especially if it’s exposed to very low temperatures that can be observed in Toronto and the area in winter. Though asphalt is quite flexible, under the influence of low temperatures it becomes more fragile and can crack. A crack eventually becomes a leak that either reaches the inside of the building or damage the roofing from the inside gravely. The leaks are the most frequent reason for tar and gravel roof repair in Toronto.

The Importance of Inspection

It’s very important to inspect the tar and gravel roof regularly. If you don’t want to miss a small damage that can cause full roof replacement in the nearest future, hire experienced roofers who dealt with such roofs before. Turn to us at Royal Roofing Inc. and our experts will do the thorough inspection to detect even the smallest issues. Even if there are no leaks now, you should do the inspection that can find water between the layers of the roofing materials and prevent bigger troubles.

Other Reasons to Turn to Tar and Gravel Roof Repair Service

Commercial Flat Roof - Tar and Gravel Roof Repair Service Apart from the leaks, there are other issues that can happen to the roofing:
  • The inner layers are exposed. It means that the fiberglass or felt layers can be seen through the gravel and tar. It can be a serious problem, up to the need of replacement.
  • The membrane can be seen. It means that something or somebody has occasionally damaged the surface in such a way that now the membrane is exposed. It can cause big leaking if not repaired.
  • The flashing is not sealed. This is one of the smallest problems that can be solved with the help of some sealer and special tools. However, if this problem is not detected timely, the damage can be quite big.
  • The material is installed improperly. When roofing systems are installed, it’s very important to move from the lowest point to the highest so that all the pieces of the material overlap each other. Such a technology prevents leaking.
  • Old roofing constructions are not sealed properly. It means that some flashing needs sealant and such remnants of devices as broken roof vents, eavestrough, funnels, etc. should be removed and replaced with new ones, or fixed reliably.
  • The roof lacks gravel in some places. The sun can melt the asphalt, this is why it’s protected by gravel. It’s necessary to cover the bald spots in order to prevent overheating of the surface.
All these tar and gravel roof repair works should be performed by trained specialist only. Get in touch with us at Royal Roofing Inc. and our professionals will fix the issues in a timely manner. How Tar and Gravel Roof Repair Is Performed

How Tar and Gravel Roof Repair Is Performed

A lot depends on the type of the damage. If the specialist detects water between the layers in some place, it’s better to inspect the entire roof. If there is some small damage, it’s possible to repair the roof with a patch of the same material, sealing the seams properly and covering the surface with gravel.