Chimney Flashing Replacement in Toronto

Chimney Flashing Replacement A chimney is the number one cause of roof leaks, that is why flashing replacement is the service you will require at some point. As a few of Etobicoke, Toronto properties have chimneys, it’s essential to understand what this procedure entails to know exactly what you pay for before calling technicians. Royal Roofing Inc. professionals will be able to replace any type of chimney roof flashing on metal, rubber, wood, slate, lead, shingle, clay tile roofs. Timely replacement carried out by qualified specialists who use advanced supplies and top-quality caulk will prevent leaks and expensive repairs they cause.

Chimney Flashing Replacement: 3 Areas of Concern In GTA

Due to their configuration, chimneys pose a threat of leaks. Proper flashing can reduce this risk, but this, protection can be efficient if all three problem areas listed below are securely sealed. Chimney Base. The flashing must be installed at the joint between the brickwork and foundation. …continued under the gallery

  • Intersection of chimney with the roof. This flashing consists of two layers, base, and counter. It prevents water draining down the brickwork from entering the structure.
  • Chimney crown. One of common mistakes of DIY roofing projects is not installing proper flashing a chimney around the crown. Without proper seal and protection, rainwater gets between the wall of the chimney and the flue liner, which results in fast deterioration of both. To reduce the risk of this damage, a proper cap or overhang should be installed that will offer additional protection.

Other Important Things to Know about Chimney Flashing

Chimney Flashing Replacement in Mississauga A variety of materials exist that can be used for chimney roof flashing repair and replacement. They have different quality and cost, so it’s essential to consider both factors before making your choice. Our specialists are experienced Woodbridge, Toronto roofers that will help you make cost-efficient decisions. Sealing is one of important steps of the replacement process. Even highest-quality copper chimney roof flashing which is impervious to rust requires additional protection and caulking to adhere to the wall and eliminate the risk of leaking around the chimney. Metal flashing can be used for different of roofing systems, regardless of its material. This way the protection will be even stronger, which can save you some money. Installing new one is a wise investment, so you should consider doing this as a preventative measure. A cricket can be installed to make the system even more efficient. It will divert the water running down the roof. This job can be performed at any time and will not require a complete replacement if the rest of the system is in good condition. It’s essential to inspect the flashing after every storm and during spring after snowfalls end. To stay safe, don’t climb on top of the roof, so try to inspect it from the ground by using a pair of binoculars. After notice signs of leaks on the wall adjacent to the chimney, contact the repair service immediately. The sooner the problem fixed, the less water damage your property is going to suffer. Animals, especially raccoons, can damage it, so you may need to employ an animal damage roof repair service to handle this particular problem. This will be necessary since the flashing won’t be the only thing that will need to be fixed. At Royal Roofing Inc. we have chimney flashing installation, repair, replacement experience on both Toronto and GTA residential and commercial properties. We will use this expertise to get your problems solved.