Copper Roofing Material in GTA

The idea of using copper as a  material for covering roofs is not new. People around the world have been doing this for over a millennium, During this time it proved to be reliable. If you are seeking a beautiful and long-lasting roof, this is the perfect material to use. Three kinds of copper roofing supplies that can be singled out and can be used in roof repairs or replacements: cut shingles, pre-measured roof sheet, and riveted panels. They can be used for both standing seam roof and flat seam roof systems. No matter what material you choose, it is important to entrust the process of installation to professionals. If the installation has been done according to technical instructions,  copper roofs will be cost-effective due to their extreme durability and the ability to last decades without demanding repaired. You also need to keep in mind that sheets from this material are expensive. If you’ve decided to invest in your residence by installing valued metal roofing, don’t hesitate to give us a call at Royal Roofing Inc. Our experienced roofers will assist you with choosing a suitable material and will install it professionally.

Metal Roofing Supplies and Installation

Preparation processes for placing such materials involve cleaning and drying of the deck, removal of old nails, screws, and other stuff. The surface on which the sheets are installed must be smooth. After this preparation, each copper roof sheet is installed and fastened with the help of nails and washers. The importance of using copper for the underlayment lies in its ability to provide the desirable waterproofness, sound, and thermal insulation.

If you are curious to learn a professional point of view on underlayment materials, contact us at Royal Roofing Inc. and our expert will answer your questions.

Pros of Copper Sheet Roofing

Copper is durable enough to last for several decades without a need of repair.

  • Added value.

The sheets are expensive, that is why they will boost the value of your property should you decide to sell it.

  • Reduced risk of fire.

Copper is inflammable, so you will be able to save on insurance interest rates.

Such roof panels have a decorative appearance that can give buildings an elegant touch.

The panels are lightweight, so the deck and the roof don’t need additional reinforcement.

  • Water-resistance.

Metal roofing that has been placed properly is waterproof and will remain this way for years with minimal maintenance.

  • Resistance to extreme temperatures.

This material is not affected by low temperatures that are common during Toronto winters.

Cons of Copper Tiles

The price for any type of copper roofing materials can be high for the majority of residential buildings. Commercial properties have spacious roofs, and covering them with these sheets will cost a fortune.

  • Color changes.

Copper roofs change their color with time because the metal develops the so-called patina that gives it a bright green hue. There are no varnishes or polishes that can prevent its appearance. Many owners prefer not to use paints to cover the surface.

Metal roofs can be noisy, so it is necessary to consider having a good underlayment that will make the noise of rains and hail softer.

In a nutshell, want to have a good roof that can server for ages, copper is the right choice. You can also install copper gutter which will accentuate the whole system. Reduce the cost by hiring professionals who will help you avoid buying excess material at an unfair price. Turn to us at Royal Roofing Inc. to receive reliable and affordable roofing services.