Dome Repair Services for Cathedrals, Churches, Private Residences, and Government Buildings

We have been hired by numerous institutional organizations to protect their heritage properties from the devastating effects of time. From cathedrals and churches to magnificent private residences and government buildings, we have provided restoration services of masonry, roofs, structural components, and ornamental metals of buildings. Our skills and experience in roofing, dome, steeple, and cupola manufacturing make us the ideal choice for the restoration of your building.

Historical Restoration

Historical restoration work refers to the accurate recreation of buildings, which are often a century-old, according to their original construction standards and methods.

The saying “They don’t build like they used to” is more than true when it comes to looking for qualified professionals to recreate construction methods that have become increasingly rare or even obsolete over the past century.

Luckily, at Royal Roofing Inc., we have over 10 years of experience in the restoration industry and have been hired to provide historically-accurate recreation of a variety of unique buildings throughout the province of Ontario. We are experts in construction methods of the past, whether it be coppersmithing, gold leaf gilding, slate roofing, or ornamental architectural work. 

We are happy to provide the following restoration services onsite throughout Toronto, GTA, and the rest of Ontario:

  • Dome roof repair
  • Dome leak repair
  • Dome painting
  • Dome maintenance
  • Detailed and competitive cost estimates
  • Decorative painting
  • Inspections and surveys

Metal Restoration

Metal restoration is a methodical and intricate process that requires patience and thorough understandings of the fundamental metallurgy characteristics.

At Royal Roofing Inc., we have experience providing complex metal restoration services for a variety of buildings and metals. We are happy to provide complete rejuvenation of metals that have been deteriorated over time and offer historical recreations of metals that go well beyond restoration. We have restored religious icons, signs, crosses, bells, and other complex metal systems.

Roof Restoration

We can provide historically-accurate restoration of complex roofing systems and roofs, including copper, slate, shingles, cedar, tiles, and flat roofs. We have experience in sourcing specialized and rare roofing materials from around the world to make sure that historical structures are recreated as accurately as possible.

We have been hired to even provide complete new roofing systems to historical buildings that have suffered from time-related deterioration. Our skillful roofing professionals have dismantled and reconstructed roofs to gain an understanding of what techniques can last for hundreds of years. Furthermore, our restoration skills include the recreation of custom architectural ornamental metalwork.

Royal Roofing Inc. is known as the experts in the field of preserving the historical integrity and restoration of century architecture and churches in the province of Ontario, including Toronto, Hamilton, Mississauga, and beyond.