Flat Roof Replacement and Repair in Toronto

flat-roof-repair-113 One of the biggest benefits of flat roofs is the fact that they are easy to repair. These systems are mostly used for commercial buildings, simple maintenance requirements, ability to perform quick and efficient repairs are essential. These features allow to fix it within hours of developing leaks and the enterprise won’t have to disrupt its working routine. The team of experienced repair specialists from Royal Roofing Inc., Markham will be able to get your problems solved fast. We also offer maintenance and refurbishment services that will help prevent the appearance of leaks.

Flat Roofing Repair: First Steps to Take

Flat roof repair Toronto

Your actions upon discovering the leak or other kinds of problems will affect the cost of commercial flat roof repair as it’s within your power to minimize the damage to your property. To do this, you’ll need to take the following steps:

  1. Inspection. Start inspecting from the inside of the building. Search water spots, rust on metallic parts, mold, rot of wooden parts. These signs indicate water damage and will appear even if the leak isn’t big enough to actually drip water into the building.Next, go up on the roof and check the surface for cracks, bumps, standing water, mold, or other defects. Risky areas are around vents and other penetrations, inspect these areas with extreme care.
  2. Call a professional Toronto, North York contractor to repair a flat roof. We at Royal Roofing Inc., Woodbridge are available 24/7, you can contact us and get help you need. Dealing with problems timely will ensure that your business can work as usual or that damages to your house will be minimal.

Note that it must be repaired by qualified flat roof repair contractors using specialized equipment and commercial-grade materials. DIY repairs are temporary solutions. The manufacturer’s warranty will turn invalid if it’s tampered with by anyone not holding a roofer’s certification.

  1. Deal with leaks ASAP. Poor maintenance, faulty material, incorrect installation, or extreme weather conditions can cause severe leak in systems. If something like this happens, it’s imperative to use available means to reduce the amount of water damage to your property. The simplest but effective things you can do are using buckets to collect the water and covering the damaged area with tarps on the outside.

Note, do not go out on the roof during bad weather. It’s best to use buckets and fix the resulting water damage than to risk your life. Afterward waterproofing flat roof will be needed.

Flat Roof Repair vs Replace?


Some types of flat roofing systems, especially old ones, may be difficult to fix. Tar and gravel repair may not be cost efficient because this system may develop leaks that are going sideways, so initial leak is hard to find. Some materials deteriorate to the point where they cannot be effectively renovated. Given these cases, replacement might be more cost-efficient as even professional repairs won’t hold for long.

Our experienced technicians will inspect your flat roof using specialized equipment and provide you with several solutions you will be able to choose from. Roofing repair plans will be developed with the building’s configuration taking into account your budget. If maintained properly, they are great systems for Toronto, Oakville properties because of it’s weather resistant and can be repaired and renovated efficiently. Diverse treatments available for different types allow increasing the lifespan of even simple and affordable flat roof membrane material.


We perform various types of repairs, including leaking flat roof. We provide Roll Roofing, Rubber, Torch on Roofing, EPDM, Membrane, and Modified Bitumen Roofs with bitumen sealant.

Layers of tar and felt are what flat roofs are composed of. Damages of felt can occur in lower areas of it, making flat roof prone to leakage. Most often the leak occurs under damaged spots, which make it easy to pinpoint the exact location, where the felt has been broken.

Before undertaking repairs we make sure to remove water that may have pooled in the damaged area and wait for it to dry. We remove gravel that is overlays the damaged area and proceed to repair the roofing with brand new materials.