Roof Shingles Cost


The quality of roofing materials determines the comfort inside the whole building. If you need to choose a shingle roofing material, focus not on the cost of the roof shingles but on the durability of the materials that will be exposed to all weather influences.

The materials that you choose should be resistant to temperature drops that are so frequent in the Toronto area, to winds and snow, to the ice formation and summer heat. It’s also necessary to make sure that the materials or roofing systems that you choose can provide you with proper ventilation, moisture insulation, and fireproof features. At best, get in touch with us at Royal Roofing Inc and let our experts advise you on the best available option.

How to Make a Good Choice

Let’s give some attention to all the most popular types of shingles, their features, and the factors that determine their price, too.

Asphalt Shingles
  1. Metal shingles
    Metal shingles are made out of steel that is protected by a zinc or polymer coating. There are many available types of protective coating that provide different features. Owing to such a choice of options, you can choose roof shingles that will match the peculiarities of your building. The type of the coating determines the cost of the roof shingles, too.
    Metal shingles are one of the favorites today, as they are relatively cheap and widely spread. If these shingles are installed by experts, they can last for about 50 years. Their main drawback is low sound insulation and specific mounting requirements.
  2. Clay tiles
    Clay tiles are the heaviest ones but the long-range of advantages that they offer makes them popular even today. Clay tiles are made out of natural clay, so they are environmentally friendly and fireproof. Due to the numerous available shapes and colors, they provide diverse appearances and an attractive look.
    The main drawbacks are their weight that demands roof frame reinforcement, their fragility, and high shingle roof cost.
  3. Cement shingles
    Cement shingles appeared as a cheaper alternative to the high cost of roofing shingles made of clay tiles. Their features are similar while the material that is used to produce cement shingles is much cheaper. However, cement shingles have their own disadvantage: they have big pores that allow the propagation of mold and moss.
  4. Composite shingles
    These are also made out of steel that is coated with acrylic and a layer of stone granules on the outer side. They have practically no drawbacks and can stand various atmosphere impacts. Composite shingles are fireproof and provide the perfect sound and moisture insulation. They are easily cut and bent, being lightweight and environmentally friendly in addition.
    The only serious drawback that can be found here is their high price.
  5. roof-shingles-cost-865 Asphalt shingles
    These flexible shingles are relatively young compared to other types. This feature allows using asphalt shingles for roofs of complicated shapes. These shingles are based on a fiberglass canvas that is coated with mineral granules on one side and with glue on the other side. Advantages of this roofing material are doubtless: small weight, affordable asphalt shingles prices, perfect sound and heat insulation, which is very important for the Toronto climate, the possibility of installation onto practically any roof, and a very nice look. On the other hand, asphalt shingles are somewhat less durable to mechanic damage than other types of shingles.

Wondering how much does it cost to shingle a roof?

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Before you decide to pay for some roof shingles, consider all their pros and cons. Take note of which features are important to you, get in touch with our professionals at Royal Roofing Inc, and enjoy having a new roof very soon.