Liquid Rubber RV / Trailer / Boat / Houseboat Roof Sealant Coating in Toronto


Ask any owner of an RV, boats, motorhome, or trailer, and they’ll probably tell you that the thing that worries them the most about their vehicle is its roof. And it isn’t surprising: the roof is the main protection against the forces of Mother Nature like snow, hail, or rain. Even the tiniest cracked strip of caulking can lead to thousands of dollars of water damage down the road.

The good news is, Royal Roofing Inc. offers liquid rubber RV roof coating service to make your RV / Boat roof maintenance-free and ensure that it serves you for years to come.

Benefits of Liquid Rubber RV / Trailer / Boat Roof Coating

Your recreational vehicle gives you an opportunity to build memories with your family that will last a lifetime. With liquid rubber RV roof coating, no leak will ever be ruing your vacation.

Skylights, vents, and tears can leave your RV or motorhome prone to leaks and overheat, but, with liquid rubber coating, these vulnerabilities disappear. The roof coating cures into a strong waterproof membrane, protecting your vehicle from the environmental hazard.

In addition, this UV-resistant and solar-reflective coating will keep your RV cool even on the hottest summer days, meaning that you and your family will be comfortable throughout your entire vacation.

Liquid Rubber Roof Coating Process

The application of liquid rubber coating to the roof of your motorhome, RV, or trailer is a painstaking process that requires rigorous training and extensive experience. Luckily, roof technicians at Royal Roofing Inc. have got it all to make sure that the process is done precisely and correctly from the beginning to end.

  1. The roof is thoroughly inspected for any water or structural damage. A new RV roof can only be applied to an undamaged roof.
  2. Areas of water or structural damage are noted and evaluated to estimate the replacement price.
  3. All roof components are inspected and replacement or repair options are discussed with the customer.
  4. Any customer’s special requests are documented, such as the removal of unused components or custom colours.
  5. The vehicle is moved inside the building and wrapped in plastic in order to begin repairs.
  6. The roof surface is thoroughly cleaned with a brush and pressure washer and then dried with a blower and cloths.
  7. Required structural repairs and removal or replacement of damaged wood are performed.
  8. Components like ACs and satellites are removed, and old caulking is stripped.
  9. The refrigerator base and vent pipes are replaced.
  10. The roof surface is prepared through tedious grinding, sanding, and cleaning.
  11. The roof is finally papered.
  12. Trained technicians apply liquid rubber coating to the roof.
  13. ACs and satellites are re-installed, and everything else is put back together.
  14. All the roof components are tested, and the vehicle is cleaned.
  15. The vehicle is taken out of the building to demonstrate the new, flawless roof to its owner!

Of course, this process is customized for each situation, but these are the standard steps involved in liquid rubber RV roof coating.

Liquid Rubber Trailer Roof Repair in Toronto

Keep Your RV / Boat Roof Protected with Royal Roofing Inc.

Do you want to keep your recreational vehicle free of nasty leaks for years to come? Hire a professional like Royal Roofing Inc. to apply your liquid rubber RV or houseboat roof coating in Toronto GTA, and you will never be disappointed.