Metal Roof Recoating in Toronto

A Comprehensive Guide to Metal Roof Recoating in Toronto

cedar-roof-repair-320 Metal roofing is recognized for its strong characteristics of longevity, high resistance, and waterproofing capacity. If you choose to go with this type of roof for your residential or commercial property, it is important to timely arrange for metal roof recoating in Toronto. This will ensure the longest life for your roof and minimize any future repair costs.

What is Metal Roofing?

A metal rooftop is made from metal shingles, metal tiles, or profiles. It could be equally efficient and suitable for residential properties or commercial buildings.

Why Re-Coat a Metal Roof?

cedar-roof-repair-320 Initially, a metal roof would have a factory finish coating. However, over time, the coating of the metal panels becomes compromised due to long-term environmental exposure. Rust will start to form, which will negatively affect the look of the building and could even compromise the structural integrity of the roof. If you choose to go with metal roofing, it is important to maintain it on a regular basis. Metal roof recoating in Toronto allows you to do exactly this by ensuring that the roof remains energy efficient. Recoating provides a simple solution to save time, money, and energy while avoiding the disruption and safety concerns of replacing the roof entirely.

Is Your Roof Ready to be Recoated?

The right roof surface preparation is an important step before metal roof recoating in Toronto. Lack of surface preparation will eventually lead to roof leaks and damage, so it is important to follow these steps prior to recoating:
  • 1. Inspection and Evaluation
First of all, professional roofing contractors should complete a thorough inspection of the entire roof to ensure that its metal panels are structurally sound. If there are any damaged areas or deficiencies, they would need to be addressed prior to the installation of the coating system. In addition to the metal roofing itself, screws should be inspected as well. In fact, most leaks happen due to screws and fasteners, so any loose screws need to be replaced with new and protected with silent and prime.
  • 2. Repair and Replacement
Any deficiencies that were found during the roof inspection, such as cracks, laps, holes, blisters, perforations, or splits require repair. Sometimes, this can be completed with patching tapes or silent, but sometimes, a whole new piece of metal is needed. Loose panels or fasteners need to be tightened, and any missing screws, fasteners, and washers need to be replaced.
  • 3. Adhesion Test
Not all types of coatings adhere to all metal finishes. An adhesion test gives roofing contractors the confidence that the selected coating will bond well to existing metal panels. The adhesion test is performed with the product that would come into direct contact with the roof surface – typically the primer.
  • 4. Roof Cleaning
A clean and dry roof surface is an absolute must for metal roof recoating. Therefore, all the debris that could prevent coating adhesion will need to be removed. The roof should be cleaned of any dust, dirt, oils, rust, or residual coating. If the condition of the roof permits, power washing should be used prior to priming the roof.
  • 5. Priming the Roof
Finally, most metal roofs will require a rust-inhibitive primer before recoating. This will allow improving the overall adhesion of the coating to the roof surface. flat-roofing-repair-materials-494

Royal Roofing Inc: Your Metal Roofing Contractors

When it comes to metal roof recoating in Toronto and GTA, it is important to pick a credible and reputable metal roofing company. This could save you thousands of dollars in repair costs and improve your chance of maintaining the roof for many years to come. At Royal Roofing Inc, our experienced technicians can inspect, repair, clean, and recoat any type of metal roofing, such as aluminum roof or steel roof. We always use professional roofing products and specialized equipment to ensure proper roofing installation and recoating.