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Phone  416-880-7625
Toronto's Professional Roofing Company Since 2008    GET A FREE ESTIMATE
Phone  416-880-7625
Toronto's Professional Roofing Company Since 2008    GET A FREE ESTIMATE
Toronto's Professional Roofing
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Residential Roofing


Choosing a roof is not an easy task as there are a great number of excellent residential roofing options available today. You’ll need to consider several factors and do a vast amount of research in order to make the decision you won’t regret.

This may seem like a lot of work, but the best thing about this versatility is the fact that you are guaranteed to find a great roofing solution regardless of your budget. Our experienced specialists will help you do this by providing advice and explaining the pros and cons of every option available.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Residential Roofing

When you walk down the streets of Toronto residential areas, you will definitely be amazed at the diversity of roofing systems you can see. The reason why similar homes have completely different roofs is that their owners have different priorities. There is a specific set of factors that need to be taken into account when shopping for a residential roofing system. However, it’s how important each of them is to you personally that determines which solution will be the best in your particular case.

The factors you need to consider are:

  • Lifespan. Do you want to have a roof that will last a lifetime or do you plan to move in a few years? Some residential roofing materials last for about 15-20 years, while others can protect the home for many decades.
  • Durability and weather resistance. All residential roofing materials are durable, but the level of durability varies. Considering the weather in Toronto, you should choose a solution that is highly resistant to elemental damage.
  • Weight. Our professionals can assess the condition of the building and the supporting seams to determine how much roof weight your home can carry. Some systems, like slate and clay tile, are very heavy, so it’s impossible to install them on some buildings.
  • Slope. Do you want a flat or pitched roof? Check out specialized flat roofing materials to decide whether you like how they look. If you choose the sloped option, take into account the pitch as its steepness will determine the cost of labor during installation and maintenance.
  • Material. There are many residential roofing materials for you to choose from. The prices vary greatly, so you are sure to find something you can afford. The most popular options in Toronto are:
    • Asphalt. Cheap and has a high degree of weather resistance, but not very durable.
    • Metal. The cost varies greatly depending on the metal (steel, aluminum, tin, zinc, copper), very durable and resistant to weather.
    • Plastic polymer. Fairly durable and affordable, can be recycled and comes in many styles.
    • Clay tile. Expensive and heavy, but very attractive as well as extremely long-lasting and durable.
    • Concrete. Reasonably-priced and durable, highly resistant to any damage, but heavy and requires reinforced frame.
    • Wood. Fairly expensive (depending on the wood),100% natural and durable, but requires a lot of specialized maintenance.
    • Slate. Natural slate is heavy and expensive, but almost impervious to any damage and can last over 100 years. Synthetic slate is more affordable but only has a lifespan of 50 years.
  • Look. Color, profile, and style of the roofing you choose will affect the appearance of your home greatly. You should always look at sample pictures to imagine how exactly this particular residential roofing system will look on your home.
  • Warranty. The warranty term is determined by the material. Please note that the manufacturer’s warranty will be valid only if the roofing is installed by certified professionals. Royal Roofing Inc. carries all the necessary licenses and permits and can legally install, repair, and replace any type of roofing.
  • Price. Money is important, but you shouldn’t let the price be the determining factor. Remember that a roof is a long-term investment and installing a good one from the start will help you save money on repairs and replacement.