Roof Trusses

Roofs with two slopes are among the most common roofing designs. What makes them look this way and work perfectly well on a building? Roof trusses do.

What Roof Trusses Are

A roof truss is a construction made out of extremely strong lumber pieces. The angle at which they are inclined forms the characteristic triangular shape. There is no precise standard for this element of your roof. It’s easily customized, and if you want to have a cathedral ceiling, get in touch with us at Royal Roofing, and our well-trained specialists will develop a great plan designed especially for you. When you are ready for roof replacement, our specialists will arrive and take measurements of the building free of charge. Our services are not limited by roof replacement only. We can create a new roof and install it in place of the old one but also we can repair the old roof in such a way that it serves you for long years. If it’s necessary, we can replace a part of the old roof without ruining the entire construction.

A truss roof is a great solution for a severe climate. Here in Toronto, we all know what heavy snowfalls are. The steeper your roof is, the less snow stays on it. Whichever type of roofing you choose, you don’t need to worry about the additional moisture insulation: all the snow and rain water are going to fall from it freely and quickly. The only peculiarity that needs additional attention when the dome of such a roof is quite tall is the choice of a roofing material, because some heavy items like clay tiles need extra fixation to stay on such steep slopes. Our experienced contractors are able to give you useful recommendations on the choice of the roofing material that looks decorative enough and is suitable for your particular roof.

Let’s give some more attention to advantages that roof trusses provide.

  • They are incredibly durable. With the help of a roof truss calculator and our experienced staff, you can choose whatever shape you like that will work well with any roofing material.
  • The roof truss cost is quite affordable for both residential and commercial property owners. If you have any questions on prices, we will gladly answer them.
  • You can customize the common triangular shape to reach any decorative or practical effect, and we at Royal Roofing Toronto will do our best to your idea to life.
  • Due to the fact that the roof trusses carry the weight of the roof and transmit it onto the outer walls of the building, the inner walls are untouched. They carry no load and can be moved as you like. It’s an important feature for both the residential and commercial buildings where some inner replanning may be required with time.
  • Our professionals will construct you a custom-shaped truss in no time! It will allow you to have a unique roof that is built with consideration of all the peculiarities of the building you own very quickly.

Where Roof Trusses Are Used

Roof trusses are used in many types of roofs, on residential and commercial buildings. You can see hip roof trusses that help the slopes join in a pointed shape. You can see gambrel roof trusses that allow having some free space under the roof. You can see even shed or garage roof trusses that support the roof of these subordinate buildings. Such roofs are highly practical for Toronto and the area and, in a combination with affordable prices for the design creation, installation, and a number of other services that we at Royal Roofing provide, they seem to be the best solution that you can only find.