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Roofing Estimate Calculator

Online estimate the cost to install a new roof in a click of a button Calculate Roof Price! Just enter the size of your house roof, garage, side, back dimensions(or leave it empty), select your roof pitch, choice of materials, and let our Online Roofing Calculator Estimate do the rest.

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Last update: June 2022

Why Royal Roofing Inc. does not offer a new roof for 2999$?

Roof replacement cost

Roof replacement cost depends on the size of the repaired surface and degree of wear roof covering as well as on the conditions of repair and installation work. The cost of installation works for roofing depends on several factors: conditions of the roofing, types of roofing materials, specifications for the applicable roof. The cost of the work depends on who submits material. The customer can provide his roofing materials, or use our materials.

Each repair is calculated individually for certain roofing object. Factors that affect the pricing of repair work, the set:

  • temporary wear and tear of roofing;
  • height of the building;
  • time of the year of the work;
  • ability or inability to use the lifting equipment;
  • Availability of space for the temporary storage of materials, manufacturing billets, etc.

    Our company provides services for the construction, repair, and maintenance of roofs. Our qualitative services are based on the use of durable materials, modern equipment, and highly skilled personnel and it allows our company to work successfully and permanently develop. A qualified person from our company will make all the necessary calculations, set the specific price for installation of the roof, and if it is necessary – make a project of the roof, which will best meet the needs and wishes of the customer.

    Roof replacement cost can be refined by using the proposed contact information. The cost of the repair of the roof is always negotiated in advance and includes full cost estimates, so you will not be surprised by a finite sum of repairs you will know in advance, what amount to expect. The price of roof repairs depends on many factors: the material and the type of roof covering – flat roof repair and pitched roof will vary in price, but also on the degree of wear because it is clear that the old roof repair will cost more than the repairs of recently mounted roof.

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