Synthetic Slate & Shake Roofing EcoStar and DaVinci

Synthetic roofing in Toronto Synthetic roofing solutions have become very popular among Toronto residential and commercial property owners as this is an efficient alternative to the traditional materials like metal shingles, asphalt and ceramic tiles, and even Canadian cedar shakes.

Why Is Composite Roofing so Popular?

Covering roofs with ceramic tiles and cedar shakes has been a popular roofing solution for many centuries. It’s thought that tiles, slates, wooden shakes, and other natural materials are the most effective, durable, and decorative solutions for both commercial and residential roofs. Today, you can choose any of the numerous styles, colors, and types of tiles, shakes, or slates that have been designed especially for the most efficient performance. Yet, although they are environmentally friendly and highly decorative, natural materials have a range of drawbacks.
  • Ceramic tiles are fragile and can be broken by hail.
  • Natural slate tiles are very heavy and require reinforced roof constructions that can carry their weight.
  • Cedar shakes are highly flammable and quite expensive.
So, the solution that has much less drawbacks and that we here at Royal Roofing recommend is called composite synthetic roofing.

The Reasons to Install Synthetic Roofing Shakes

synthetic roofing
  • High decorative features: composite cedar shakes look exactly like natural ones
  • Durability: synthetic roofing shakes will last for many years, just like natural ones
  • Waterproofness: with the help of special sealers, tapes, screws with waterproof gaskets, airtight sockets, and other mounting details that don’t let water under the pieces, composite roof shingles will not absorb or let moisture through
  • Frost resistance: this feature is especially important for freezing cold Toronto winters
  • Heat resistance: the composite shingles are more resistant to fire than natural cedar
  • Environmental friendliness: the materials that are used to produce synthetic roofing shingles are non-toxic
  • Affordability: both the installation and maintenance are much less expensive than working with natural materials
  • Perfect sound insulation: with proper roofing systems that we offer, the synthetic cedar shingles provide great noise insulation
  • Resistance to weather impacts: composition shingles will not lose color or corrode due to rains and Toronto snows, UV radiation, and other types of weather influence

The Installation of Synthetic Cedar or Slate Shingles EcoStar and DaVinci

Many people suppose that they can handle the installation of roofing materials on their own. We at Royal Roofing wouldn’t recommend it. First of all, the proper installation of such solutions like shingles and tiles by untrained people is practically impossible. Second of all, high-rise construction work requires a lot of special equipment and proper training that our staff has. Finally, why waste time if you can call our experienced workers and have everything done in a very short while? The installation of tiles and shingles requires a lot of professional attention, especially if the roof is not flat. The steeper the slopes are, the more careful the process of installation requires. This is why we strongly recommend getting in touch with our contractors and designers first. They will quickly arrive quickly, discuss with you all the important details and your demands, take all the necessary measurements, and all this free of charge! Our professionals will help you choose the most effective ventilation and insulation systems, which are especially important for big industrial buildings or for residential homes with inhabited attics. If you already have a synthetic roofing solution that needs repair, we are here to help you seven days a week. With over 15 years of experience and the most contemporary tools, we can do the most effective repairs that don’t affect the entire construction.