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Roofing Companies in Pickering offers a huge selection of services including Residential Roofing, Cedar Roofing and Roof Maintenance, and also include services such as Repair, Roof Maintenance, Roof Maintenance, plus many more which we offer to our loyal clients. If your roof situation is crucial, call Royal Roofing Inc today at 416-880-7625 and ask for a free estimate.


When you just need it done right the first time, give Royal Roofing Inc a call. You will be happy you did. Royal Roofing Inc has helped many clients who have searched for Roofing Companies in Pickering and can help you too. Royal Roofing Inc can help you bring life back to your roof. Royal Roofing Inc believes the best way our customers can say “Thank You” is to provide a referral. We are always working to make you and your family happy. Royal Roofing Inc TIP: Why are the corners of my shingles turning up? Corners of shingles turning up is referred to as “curling” and is generally caused by excessive moisture attacking the underside of the shingle. Inadequate ventilation allows for heat and moisture to become trapped in the attic. This build-up of heat and moisture will eventually penetrate the roof deck and cause the shingles to curl. Improving air circulation within the attic space can stop the process and rectify the situation if the curling is not too severe.

If you are looking for more information about installing a new roof or if you are interested in speaking to one of our staff just give us a call and we can discuss your situation.

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