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Brick Chimneys and Roof Skylights

You are probably worried about flashing your brick chimney. Chimneys come on like an 800-pound gorilla and are responsible for a large number of do-it-yourself roofing projects which were never started. The method we will use to flash and tie in a chimney is very straightforward: you will be pleased with the outstanding (no-leak) results. You will be shown the way up and around the chimney, and my figures will put you on the roof doing each step. Someone wise once said, Worry is sadistic entertainment.” He was right. We’ve come this far together, so relax and let’s enjoy ourselves as we tie in a chimney. There are several steps to flashing a chimney. It takes the time to trim and fit the various components. It’s not complicated, it just takes time. You can easily spend four to six hours on your chimney, so get rid of any idea that you must complete it in two hours. The test of your work is not how fast you do it, but whether it leaks and whether it lasts. Continue reading Brick Chimneys and Roof Skylights