Residential Clay Roof Repair in Toronto

Residential Clay Roof Repair in Toronto

cedar-roof-repair-320 Originating in Ancient China as early as 10,000 BC, clay tiles remain one of the most common materials used for residential roofs. Clay roof can withstand heavy rain and is appropriate for virtually any climate, while its long life and fire resistance make it a perfect choice for your home, whether you are going for a rustic or a more modern look. Along with other styles and types of roofing materials, such as flat roofs, metal roofs, slate roofs, wood shakes, or asphalt shingle roofs, clay roofs provide an aesthetically pleasing appearance and can last for centuries with an only minimal level of upkeep and clay roof repair in Toronto. At Royal Roofing Inc., our professional clay roofing contractors in Toronto have put together maintenance guidelines to make your clay tile roof last a lifetime.

Everything You Need to Know About Clay Roof Repair in Toronto

What are Clay Tile Roofs?

To begin with, let us define a clay tile roof. Simply put, a clay tile rooftop is made of numerous tiles, which are created from molded clay that is baked in the ovens and is then produced in various shapes, styles, textures, and sizes. Main types of roof tiles include:
  • Pantiles. These are rectangular, curved slabs meant to overlap each other and create a lighter appearance of the roof.
  • Flat tiles. With this style, flat shingles are joined with overlapping patterns or are attached to the roof with nails.
  • Hip or ridge tiles. These are larger decorative blocks used for roof ridges.

Tile Roof Maintenance & Repair Guide

  • 1. Clean the surface.
It is easy for clay tiles to accumulate dirt and moisture and, if not properly cleaned, this could lead to mold and algae growth. Mold and algae are potentially damaging to the clay, as their tiny roots dig into the tiles over time. The most effective and simple way to clean the tile roof is to use an energy washer with a chlorine option. However, excessive stress and pressure could harm the tiles, so tile roof cleaning should be performed by professional tile roof repair contractors, such as Royal Roofing Inc.
  • 2.Tile sealing.
Sealing the clay tiles is not a necessity, but it does keep the roof surface clean and easier to wash in the future. Clay tiles should be sealed with a clear acrylic sealer or an alkyd primer. The best time to seal your roof is immediately after the cleaning session to avoid sealing any debris or dirt around the tiles.
  • 3.Don’t be afraid of white streaks.
During clay roof repair in Toronto, you may notice white streaks around the tile. This is called “efflorescence” and occurs due to a natural reaction when the lime inside the tile comes into contact with the moisture within the air. If you notice these white streaks, do not panic, as they will vanish within a few weeks.

Royal Roofing Inc: Your Tile Roof Repair Contractors in Toronto

Are you wondering how to repair a leaky clay tile roof or cracked clay roof tiles? Do you find yourself looking for “clay tile roof repair near me” or “roof leak repair”? Look no further! When it comes to clay roof repair in Toronto, it is always a good idea to hire a professional roofing company or a tile roof repair contractor, such as Royal Roofing Inc. Let our experienced tile roof repair specialists in Toronto identify the cause of the problem and develop the most cost-efficient solution. Contact us today to get a free quote on installing and repairing your roof system.

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