Roof Design in Toronto and the GTA

People who live in big cities rarely pay any attention to the roof truss design. Unlike megalopolises, people in suburbs know very well that a house roof design is very important for the general look of their dwellings. With the help of our Toronto roofing designers, you won’t be limited by any severe building rules, so feel free to imagine the house of your dreams and we can make all your dreams come true.

Types of Roofs You Should Consider

Now, let’s see what types of roof designs exist and what their advantages, attractive features, and drawbacks are.
  • Flat roofs. Although these roofs are quite popular, during winter, a large amount of snow may put extra pressure on a flat roof. Considering the weather in Toronto, our house roof design professionals would need to pay a lot of attention to the robustness of such a solution. Yet, a flat roof has one big advantage: in summer, you can use it as an additional space for rest and recreation.
  • Sloped roofs. The sloped roof truss design can have whichever form their creators can imagine. Here, at Royal Roofing, we can provide you with several of the most popular sloped designs in Mississauga. A roof with one slope is very practical because you can have a great room right under it. A two-slope roof truss design is a very traditional design around the world. It has a plain construction, yet is highly popular. And here an interesting fact: two-slope roofs don’t necessarily need to be perfectly symmetrical. So if you want to give your Mississauga house a unique look with the help of an unordinary roof, just contact us and our talented Royal Roofing roof designers will be happy to help you.
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  • Mansard roofs. A mansard roofing design will allow you to use the attic as a comfortable residential area. We can build it, saving as much free space as possible and providing you with reliable construction and insulation. It’s up to you to decide whether the roof will have a low sloping or whether it’s going to be steep. We are able to fulfill all your desires.
  • Hip roofs. This roof truss design is the perfect solution for you if the horizontal plan of your house is more complicated than a regular rectangular and it’s necessary to have a roof with more than four slopes. Though such roofs are more complicated than flat or two-slope ones in terms of construction, they are very reliable and durable. If you want to have a luxurious looking house in Mississauga, we at Royal Roofing can provide you with an excellent hip roof. However, you need to keep in mind the fact that hip roofs make buildings seem lower visually because they have no vertical lines. Still, the rich effect that such a roof can give your house is well worth it.
  • Tent roofs. Tent roofs have four slopes that join in a peak on the top of the roof. The slopes are rather steep, so you can have some free space in your attic. A tent modern roof design can look quite interesting, especially if it’s created by our creative roof designers. Call us right now, and we will give your house a cute rustic look that you will surely love. The steep slopes can also be a great solution for Toronto winters with a lot of snow.
  • Arched roofs, domes, and other fancy designs. If you want to decorate your Mississauga house with such a unique roof, you should remember that all these pretty decisions must be functional. If you are not sure whether your dream roof will work on your house during different seasons, turn to our experienced roof constructors. We are always ready to help you with any questions.