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A variety of commercial and private buildings use asphalt shingles that are popular and sought-after roof materials. House owners ponder and prefer to exploit well-known materials and often pick asphalt shingles as the best choice for roof updates and new roof establishments when turning to roof specialists. Speedy roof repair plays an important role in such choice, which is why clients of roofing companies prefer fast installation and reconstruction of asphalt shingles which could be performed within 1-2 days.

Slate Tiles: an excellent choice for roof renewal and lasting new installation

The new roof has limitations in terms of conditions of use, as the shingles may become damaged over time. The lifetime of shingles usually depends on the roofing company and the owners may rely on the following criteria:
  • Materials and their quality
  • Proficiency of installation
  • Weather extremes and conditions
  • Owner’s attention to in time maintenance
Consequently, householders and roofing experts always need to consider the possibility of prolongation terms of roof usage, as it is a serious, long-term investment. One of the smart and popular options is a slate roof. The main advantage of the slate roof is reliability and durability comparing to other materials such as wooden shingles, metal roofs, clay or concrete tiles, and asphalt shingles. Exceptional features of slate tiles:
  • Strength – slate roofs are naturally very strong because stones are tougher than materials produced by humans
  • Longevity – slate shingles can serve more than 100 years
  • Incombustibility – perfect protection against fire hazard and danger
  • Impenetrability – slate is very dense and provides the most effective weatherproofing
  • Density – due to natural properties, slate roof prevents the formation of fungus, mold, rise of moss and penetration of insects
  • Cost effectiveness – easier maintenance, retains heat of house, pays off over the years
  • Resistance – high level of sustainability to extreme weather conditions
  • Aesthetic look – variety of colors and natural attractive view
  • Increased resale value – long life cycle, low cost of maintenance and nice appeal
Despite the extensive list of benefits, the owners may be hesitant for several reasons:
  • Roofing cost – as qualitative material slate is quite expensive
  • Tiles weight – slate roof requires strong frame, sometimes it requires roof reinforcement and additional assessment
  • Repair issues – in case of roof repair it can be difficult to pick fully compatible color of natural slate
  • Proficiency – designing and installation requires experienced and fair contractors
High cost of slate tiles can be justified by taking into account the advantages presented. House owners can have durable, nice looking and long-lasting roof cover and be sure in right and excellent alternative for repair works or a new roof. Slate Roofing essential work

Slate roof design is an essential work that requires a lot of experience and precision in calculations

As mentioned before, one of slate shingles features is the importance of a strong frame and correct, very precise calculations in design. If house owners also take into account the high cost of slate roofing, it’s obvious to have experienced and skilled roof companies to get a high-qualitative slate roof quickly and efficiently. Royal Roofing is one of such companies that offer quality, high level of experienced workers with attention to details to satisfy customers’ wishes. We collect more than 25.000 roof projects over 20 years in GTA and Toronto. Advanced teams in Royal Roofing have experience in the following slate roof work:
  • Frame strengthening
  • Slate roof: from design to installation
  • Repair and shingles replacement
  • Related copper metal work
  • Heritage property restorations
If you are interested in a professional slate roof for your heritage building or own home and have any questions call 416-880-7625 today! Royal Roofing experts are ready to help with slate roof installation and give free expert advice to you.

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